CF to host school forum

By The Paper staff

Wabash County’s three public school corporations will meet Thursday, April 20, to discuss feasibility study funding and coordination.

The meeting will take place in the Honeywell Center’s Legacy Hall, located at 275 W. Market St., and will begin at 6 p.m.

During the meeting, the Community Foundation of Wabash County will present the plan “Studies for Advancement” to the Manchester Community Schools’, MSD of Wabash County’s and Wabash City Schools’ boards of education.

In January, the Community Foundation offered to fund and coordinate feasibility studies and research from jointly submitted proposals, which all three districts agreed to participate in in February.

The “Studies for Advancement” is intended to build a reliable research base through which each school district can examine current and future elements that shape the fulfillment of their respective missions, according to Dr. Carol Lundquist, consultant and the studies’ coordinator.

On March 21, Lundquist, Community Foundation, school superintendents and a board representative from each organization reviewed preliminary plans and goals for the studies, which include five areas of research.

The studies will proceed in two phases.

First, the “Studies for Advancement” will provide each district with its own report based on a common set of metrics. In phase two, districts may elect to evaluate further opportunities across district lines.

The reports are intended to encourage meaningful conversations within and between districts according to expressed desires of each district.

“As a cooperative effort, all of Wabash County benefits when our school leaders have the best possible information upon which to make the critical decisions affecting our schools,” Patty Grant, Community Foundation executive director, said. “We are very pleased that our school boards can come together, and are inspired by the courageous leadership to do so.

“We invite others to support this collaboration and the Foundation’s efforts to advance Wabash County.”

The meeting is open to the public.

Posted on 2017 Apr 18