Commissioners asked for help in Servia

By David Fenker

Servia resident Darla Eades approached the County Commissioners in hopes that they could help clean up the Town of Servia, with a particular focus on one residence.

Eades said that a residence on Smith Street has a problem with trash, and that thus far help from the county’s Plan Commission has been unsuccessful.

“I called [Plan Commission Director] Mike Howard about two years ago, and he came out and took pictures. They had a big pile in the back,” Eades said.

She was told that nothing could be done unless the pile reached a certain size, and said that the residents began throwing trash out of the back door instead of on the pile. Eades called Howard’s office again to report the issue.

“I don’t know if [they] sent them a letter or what, but they threw it out on the big pile in the back, and about three weeks later they started throwing it out the back door again,” she said.

“Nothing seems to be getting done. I finally called the trustee to see what I can do, and she said I should come down and talk to you guys.”

She also noted that several vacant homes in the town are in disarray.

“In some of the smaller towns, I know Mike Howard has been tearing some houses down but we only have money to do two or three a year,” Chairman Scott Givens said.

“But some of this stuff definitely needs to be addressed.”

The commissioners kept photos and documentation provided by Eades, which they will forward on to the Plan Commission.

In other news, Sheriff Bob Land reported that there are 84 inmates in the Wabash County Jail, with 52 in Miami County, six in Elkhart County and two females in Wells County.

“Last week’s average was 82.85. We had 22 new book-ins and six transports. Our peak population was 87. Today’s total count is 143,” Land said.

Additionally, he informed the commissioners that he is working to reduce the time inmates spend in the facility.

“What I’ve been doing is utilizing state statutes and have been requesting credit time for those who have completed programs within the facility,” Land said.

He noted that only two programs offered at WCJ, the GED program and Inside/Outside Moms and Dads, are Department of Corrections certified for credit time.

Posted on 2017 Mar 14