Tandy appointed WCS School Board attorney

By Emma Rausch

Wabash City Schools’ Board of Education rearranged itself Monday, Jan. 2, starting with appointing Jordan Tandy as board attorney.

Previously appointed to the board as a member, Tandy will now act as the board’s legal advisor after taking over the vacant seat left behind by John Johnston’s retirement.

Additionally, the board reappointed Brandon France, whose term expired in December, to serve the final two years of Tandy’s term.

After Johnston retired in December, Superintendent Jason Callahan began the search for his successor.

Callahan admitted to The Paper of Wabash County that finding a perfect replacement wouldn’t be easy, especially since Johnston had been appointed as board attorney for 47 years.

However, in January 2016, the board appointed Tandy as its newest member with this purpose in mind, he continued.

“Several years ago, we’d talked about John at some point is going to retire as our board attorney and so we needed to be thinking about who would replace (him),” he said. “School law is as different as any other type of individualized organizational law, and so we thought it’d be great to get an attorney on the board, to give them some knowledge and experiences (before Johnston retired).

“Jordan played a role in the referendum process and has probably the best knowledge, aside from those who are working as school board attorneys, in the entire county at this point. So I suggested to the board that this is the direction we go.”

Tandy admitted he did not originally seek out the attorney role, “but when Mr. Callahan asked me if I might be interested, it made some sense.”

“Being on the board for a year helped me gain some understanding of how things operate,” he said. “However, John was the City Schools’ attorney for 47 years, so I have some big shoes to fill.”

He’s now excited to take on the challenge, he said.

“I’m very exited to be taking on this challenge,” Tandy continued These are interesting times, with all the talks of studying consolidation and figuring out how the school systems might be able to work together to provide the best possible education for our children.

“Wabash City Schools is blessed with visionary leadership, and they are doing a lot of great things, from Wabash (Early College) High School to the Wabash County Promise to the SPARK after school and summer camp. I’m very proud to be associated with them.”

Posted on 2017 Jan 10