NM fire still under investigation

By David Fenker

NORTH MANCHESTER -- The investigation into a recent fire in North Manchester is still ongoing.

North Manchester Fire Department Chief Cam Kissinger said that, as of Monday, Nov. 28, there is no information that can be shared regarding the cause of the Saturday, Nov. 19 fire at 216 E. Main St. He said that an update would hopefully be available by Tuesday, but indicated that it may be later.

According to a release from the NMFD, the department received a call around 4:40 a.m. on Nov. 28 reporting a fire at 216 E. Main St. Units on the scene found smoke and fire at the rear of the building.

The fire spread to the second story of 218 E. Main St., where one occupied apartment was destroyed. The offices of Tiede, Metz and Downs attorney Al Schlitt, the Community Foundation of Wabash County, located in the first story of 218 E. Main St. were also damaged.

Moderate smoke and heat damage was reported at 222 E. Main St., which houses the office of Terrill and Company on the first floor.

The occupants of three apartments in the second story of 226 E. Main St. were evacuated, as well as those at 228 E. Main St. Those occupants returned the same day.

Posted on 2016 Nov 29