Dog Park gets anonymous donation

By Joseph Slacian

The Wabash Dog Park came one step closer to reality last week.

The park received an anonymous $15,000 donation on Wednesday, July 13, according to Gary Henderson, who is heading the group that is working to create the park.

“If we can get the fence up this fall, then we’ll at least have a park,” Henderson told The Paper of Wabash County. “It won’t be completed until next spring, probably. But I’m optimistic; we’ll at least have a fence up and the park will be usable.”

Earlier this year, Stan and Patsy Myers donated about an acre of land located south of their business, EcoWater Systems, 615 S. Carroll St., for the park.

The most recent donation will go toward building a fence around the perimeter. A key-fob entrance will then be installed and the park will be available for use.

“At one time I said that $10 (membership to use the park), but it may cost $20 now because it may cost a couple thousand bucks for an entry system,” Henderson said. “We just don’t want anyone coming in and out of there and destroying it.”

He said he’s looking at a six-foot, maintenance-free vinyl fence to surround the property. But, he added, he would consider a five-foot fence. That would then give the group funds to put another fence inside for puppies to use.

“If that would save enough money that I can go with a four-foot fence inside, then I’ll go with a five-foot fence,” he said. “If not, I’ll go with a six-foot fence.”

Henderson called the donation “very humbling.”

“You know, you have people say, ‘I’ll do this or I’ll do that,’” he said. “It’s always a surprise until it happens. I’m telling you, I couldn’t respond when I got the call (about the donation).

“I don’t know how to explain (the feeling). It’s like expecting a baby then finally having it.”

Posted on 2016 Jul 19