Gilman receives Historic Preservation Award

People gather at the grand opening for buildings refurbished by Lisa Gilman and Redemption Development LLC at 41-47 W. Market St. in September 2014. Gilman received the city’s Historic Preservation Award for her efforts on the project. The Paper of Wabash County file photo

By Joseph Slacian

Lisa Gilman, who has restored property along Market Street in downtown Wabash, received the Historic Preservation Award from the city’s Historic Preservation Commission.

Mayor Robert Vanlandingham presented the award at the Aug. 24 Wabash City Council meeting.

Gilman is a member of Redemption Development LLC. The company ‘s first efforts downtown, 41-47 W. Market St., officially opened in September 2015. The development houses two businesses – Lost Treasures in Tyme and Bash Boutique – as well as four apartments.

She told The Paper of Wabash County that she was surprised by the honor.

“I guess my first reaction was total surprise,” she said. “The second reaction was being thankful that they felt strongly enough about the work that was done at 41 and 47 Market Street.”

Vanlandingham praised Gilman for her efforts.

“It’s been an honor, privilege to be working with you the last few years,” Vanlandingham told Gilman. “We’re better off having you here.”

The mayor also talked about other preservation efforts around the city.

“Historic preservation sometimes gets a bad rap, and I don’t understand why,” Vanlandingham said. “We have a historical preservation board and a good group of concerned citizens that like to keep Wabash the way it is and the way it is going. The historical preservation board kind of keeps those guidelines in focus and keeps them in line.”

Doing it by Commission standards, the mayor admits, usually costs the building owner more money.

“But I can honestly tell you if you look at the hotel, look at the buildings Lisa’s done, look at Bulldog Battery, all have been done according to the guidelines of a lot of dedicated people on the board,” he said. “Sometimes it isn’t easy. And all you have to do is walk around town to see the difference.”

Redemption Development is currently working on refurbishing the building at 26 W.  Market St.

“At this time I am in the design stage of the building at 26 West Market,”  she said, discussing the new project. “We have already stabilized the masonry on all four sides. The roof is scheduled for replacement in early October. After the plans are complete and we receive state plan approval, we can start reconstruction in the beginning of 2016.

“We are going to put a large apartment on the second floor and have commercial space on the first floor.

Posted on 2015 Sep 01