Honeywell Golf Course gifted AED device

By Emma Rausch

The Honeywell Golf Course is now stocked with a new automated external defibrillator (AED) after a donation made by Crossroads Bank.

The AED will allow for faster and better first aid treatment in certain scenarios that may occur on a golf course, according to Dick White, Red Cross Instructor.

“Whenever you’re dealing with the public and golfers out there like myself, older, you just never know when the situation may arise (that it’s needed),” White told The Paper of Wabash County.

The donation was made possible thanks to the efforts of Wabash City Fire Chief Bob Mullett, EMT Jay Brainard and Honeywell Golf Course general manager Mel Thomas, White said.

On June 24, White led a review session for the golf course’s staff, not necessarily to teach how to use it, but when to use it.

“Over the last several years, I’ve been doing training out there and they’re all certified in Red Cross CPR and the use of the AED,” White said.

“Mainly I said ‘This is not really a training session’ because it’s a review they’ve all been through it, and we just went through the basic use of who the defibrillator should be used on and what scenario would it be that you would use it,” he continued. “And we just reviewed how to make sure the person needs it, whether they’re breathing, their heart’s not beating, we check the person to make sure their heart’s not beating so that determines that CPR needs to be started, 9-1-1 needs to be called and the AED needs to be put on and go on to do what the AED advises you to do.”

Untrained personnel can also utilize the device because of its verbal walk-through feature, which is an advantage for those who only know CPR.

“Even though you know how to do CPR, by having that device, the chances of reviving somebody are far greater than just doing chest compressions,” he said. “It’s really a device that’s come along for public use and it’s doing the things (responders) couldn’t do until they got them to the emergency room.”

The donation also established a new collaborative effort between the Wabash City Fire Department and the Honeywell Golf Course possible, White said.

“The fire department has set up a dispatch that, when they’re dispatched to the golf course, then what happens is … the fire department will then turn around and call the golf course and say, ‘There’s an emergency out there on whatever hole it may be’ and then (the golf course staff) can take the device out to that person there,” White said.

“It’s a system that they’re setting up where they’re trying to cover getting help there as soon as they can.”

Posted on 2015 Jul 07