Nettleton Educational Services branches out to Wabash
By Emma Rausch
Nettleton Educational Services, a tutoring and educational therapy business, is now accepting clients in Wabash. Originally establish in North Manchester, the tutoring service expanded to Wabash in early January.
Prior to establishing her tutoring service with her husband, Matt Nettleton in 2007, Co-owner and Chief Education Instructor Diana Nettleton taught at Manchester Elementary School and work with special education for 11 years until her multiple sclerosis (MS) got progressively worse.
It was much too difficult to continue working at the school, Diana Nettleton said.
“So I left and my husband had a couple of good work friends who kept begging me to tutor other kids,” she said.
“So I said fine and I started out at home until I started getting a lot of kids. So my husband said, ‘Why don’t we start looking for a place for you downtown?’ So that’s what we did and I’m so grateful for him.”
Nettleton offers tutoring for preschool through high school students, SAT and ACT preparation courses, and some college help class in math, including Calculus.
“We also have a licensed PhD, so we can do diagnosis of learning disability,” said Matt Nettleton. “If anyone is concerned that their son or daughter might have a learning disability, we have services in which we’ll do the testing and the diagnosis of that disability here.”
Children sometimes think that taking tutoring lessons means that they are dumb, said Matt Nettleton.
“My point is that ‘tutoring’ is not a bad word,” he said. “It’s a therapy, it’s a counseling, and it’s improving yourself.
“We’ve had students who are not even learning disabled that are struggling or reluctant learners. We’ve at A students whose goal was to get an A plus in math or reading. So we’ve had many students that are honor students who come in and want to be even better; and they realize that this is a chance to improve their GPA. So it is all learning types.”
Currently, the Wabash branch is available for tutoring sessions by appointment only, but Nettleton said she hopes to set scheduled hours within the next several months.
Nettleton Education Services is located at 1288 Stitt St. in Wabash and 130 East Main St. in North Manchester. For more information on services or applications, visit
Posted on 2015 Feb 10