Primary Elections in store for three of four local communities

By Joseph Slacian

Voters in Wabash, North Manchester and LaFontaine will participate in a Primary Election on May 5.

With the filing deadline passed at noon Feb. 6, three races shaped up in Wabash, while one will take place in North Manchester and one will take place in LaFontaine.

Republican voters in the City of Wabash’s first and fifth City Council Districts will choose candidates in the Primary. Meanwhile, Democrat voters will choose a mayoral candidates.

Council member Margaret “Boo” Salb and Wabash Fire Chief Bob Mullett are seeking the Democrat nomination for mayor. The winner will meet Council member Scott Long, a Republican, in the  November General Election.

Meanwhile, Republicans Doug Konkle and Mitch Figert are seeking the First District post now held by Konkle. Konkle was appointed to the post following the 2011 election after Dr. John Gilpin moved from the district. Figert was among those seeking the seat at that time.

In the Fifth District, Republicans Matt Stone and Doug Adams are seeking the nomination.

In North Manchester, Toby Tobias and incumbent Diane Haupert are seeking the Republican nomination for town council in the Fifth District. That is the lone contested race in May.

LaFontaine sees seven Republicans – Jay Gillespie, Tyler Guenin, Jeremy Waite, Janet Robbins-Pattee, Kinnie Sollars, Walter “Bob” Couch and Lori Brane – vying for three seats on the town council.

This is the first time that LaFontaine and Lagro elections will be overseen by the County Election Board. Because there are no contested races in Lagro, a primary will not take place there.

Likewise, parties with vacancies on the ballot have until June 30 to fill the positions for the November General Election, Deputy Clerk Teresa Erhet said. If that deadline passes and there are no contested races in North Manchester, Lagro or LaFontaine, a November election will not be necessary.

Roann still operates under a town convention format. Candidates there have until noon, Aug. 3, to file their candidacy paperwork.

Posted on 2015 Feb 10