Harvey Industries lays off 143

by Eric Stearley -

On Jan. 6, the Indiana Department of Workforce Development received a notice from Harvey Industries announcing that effective Dec. 31, 2014, it had laid off 141 hourly employees and two salaried employees from its Wabash plant due to "unforeseeable business circumstances."

The memo noted that the plant is not expected to close, and layoffs are not expected to be permanent, however, employees should not expect to be called back for at least 5 months.

The memo also noted that during this period, bumping rights will not exist, meaning that senior employees, should their position be eliminated, will not have the option to take lesser jobs from employees with less seniority.

It is unclear how many people Harvey Industries employs at the Wabash plant, but the notice stated that those a "significant number of its employees" were laid off. It also stated that employees were not give 60 days notice about the layoffs.

Harvey Industries' corporate headquarters in Livonia, Mich. was unable to be reached for comment. The Paper is waiting to hear back from the Wabash location's plant manager.

Posted on 2015 Jan 14