Wabash County Sheriff’s Department releases monthly and yearly statistics


The Wabash County Sheriff’s Department reported 44 traffic citations in December, along with 51 traffic warnings. There were 7 DUI arrests and 2 other alcohol related arrests made.

There were 16 total individual arrests made, with a total of 4 felony counts and 19 misdemeanor counts. The department worked 34 criminal cases and 68 crashes.

They had a total of 71 transports, served 352 civil process papers, 8 warrants and had 14 public appearances. The department made a total 723 calls for service in December 2013.

The department also released their statistics for the entire year of 2013. They had a total of 1,632 citations and 2,147 traffic warnings. These numbers included statistics from Operation Pull-Over.

They made 45 DUI arrests and had 25 other alcohol related arrests. The department reported a total of 283 individual arrests, with 130 felony counts and 346 misdemeanor counts.

They had 61 total drug arrests, resulting in 58 felony counts and 54 misdemeanor counts.

The department worked 557 criminal cases, 531 crashes and had a total of 524 transports. They served 5,640 civil process papers, 327 warrants, had 204 public appearances and made a total of 11,899 service calls in 2013.

Posted on 2014 Jan 14