Colin and Brad Show leaves Ford Theater roaring with laughter

by Kalie Ammons

“All right, let’s make up some crap,” Colin Mochrie, Canadian improv expert said to his partner in comedic crime, Brad Sherwood, at the beginning of the Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood Show Friday, Dec. 13 in the Honeywell Center’s Ford Theater.

“At no point during the show do Brad and I know what’s going on,” reassured Mochrie. The shenanigans which ensued proved Mochrie to be honest.

Both Mochrie and Sherwood are veteran members of the British and American versions of popular TV show Whose Line is it Anyway? The show consists of the crew taking audience suggestions to perform improvised skits.

This stop on the Two Man Group Tour makes it the fourth time the duo has performed in Wabash.

“Small town,” said Sherwood. “One guy gets on stage and the whole audience knows who he is.”

That’s right—audience participation was a huge part of the night. Whether it was making sound effects on a mic for a sketch or shouting out suggestions, the whole audience was encouraged to participate.

Mochrie and Sherwood were introduced by local celebrities Wade Weaver and Monty from 105.9 The Bash. After a quick reminder of some upcoming events at the Honeywell Center, the two made sure to leave the crowd eager for the show.

The very first game involved two volunteers from the audience to perform as the set pieces in an unfolding story of Mochrie and Sherwood taking a fishing trip.

The volunteers had some issues getting into their one-size-for-all costumes for the scene. “Hurry up, Lurch!” Mochrie said encouragingly to one of the volunteers.

Soon, the two morphed into various props, such as boats, fishing poles, fish and tackle boxes.

Another game included several audience members who were chosen by their claim to being “quick-witted.”

Again, thanks to audience suggestions, the duo acted out a scene where Sherwood had to go on a quest with only one weapon, a chicken. If he was successful, the people of his hometown would again be able to jump.

While acting out the scene, if Mochrie or Sherwood raised their hand, the volunteers would have to finish their sentences and the two would have to go with whatever was suggested. This lead to the great creation of “half man, half…Egyptian?”

One brave volunteer thought it funny to make a bald joke towards Mochrie during the scene. Mochrie hoarded his annoyance with volunteer and periodically brought it up during the show.

“All of our volunteers were really great,” said Mochrie. Then, as he made eye contact with the audience member, “Except one.”

Another highlight of the evening was a game called “Kick It.” This involved the two having to stop each other during a scene when one thought the other said something that sounded like the title of a song. When one said “kick it,” the other would have to start rapping about what was just said until the first person stopped it by saying “word.”

The scene was set in the style of a Western film with a neuroscientist as its main character. Mochrie took some of this time to comically torture Sherwood by having him improvise a rap for an uncomfortable amount of time. However, Sherwood impressed the audience by continuing to find rhymes until Mochrie gave in.

Continuing with the music theme, the two brought up a single volunteer, a nurse named Pam, to the stage. After asking her about her various interests, hobbies and nicknames (which included “Pammy” and “Hula”) the two composed Pam her very own R&B song.

Pam left the stage blushing as she was escorted back to her seat, next to her daughter, by Mochrie. The two shamelessly flirted as Sherwood tried to avert his eyes.

Then, the show brought an element of danger to the stage. The duo would perform a Mexican drama while blindfolded, barefooted and at the mercy of 100 set mousetraps.

The scene itself was lost in the suspense as the two tip-toed around the mousetraps. It didn’t take long, however, before toes were caught in the cruel embrace of the rodent deathtrap.

After taking a few good snaps, Mochrie decided to make it a war. He began throwing the traps randomly in Sherwood’s direction, managing to hit him a few times. Eventually, Mochrie removed his blacked-out goggles to take better aim at Sherwood’s crotch. A few successful hits later, Sherwood removed his own goggles to catch Mochrie in the act.

The finale consisted of the two singing the events of the evening to tune of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.” Mochrie made a point to make another colorful jab at the volunteer who made the bald joke earlier in the evening. Sherwood was still hurting over the mousetrap incident, and made sure to let Mochrie know it.

The crowd gave the duo a standing ovation. In 90 minutes, the hilarious duo was able to entertain a full house and give them something to talk about for days afterwards.

Posted on 2013 Dec 17