Judge Goff attends Senior Judge Workshop

Judge Christopher M. Goff, Wabash Superior Court, recently served as faculty at the Indiana Judicial Center’s Senior Judge Workshop held on Oct. 29. The workshop was held at the Indiana Judicial Center in Indianapolis. IJC is the staff agency of Indiana’s Judiciary and was created by statute. The legislature has charged IJC with promoting an exchange of experience and suggestions regarding the operation of Indiana’s Judiciary.

In Indiana, retired judges often continue service, on a part-time basis, as senior judges. In order to qualify as a senior judge, the retired judge must be certified by the State of Indiana. Once certified, the retired judge is qualified to serve in any of Indiana’s trial courts. Senior Judges attending the workshop received instruction on a variety of legal subjects, including traffic cases and small claims. Judge Goff’s presentation was entitled “Civil Protection Orders and No Contract Orders in Indiana.” The presentation was designed to provide judicial officers, who might have had little experience in this area of law, with a firm understanding of the subject matter and best practices.

Judge Goff has, since 2011, served as chairman of IJC’s Protection Order Committee, having been appointed to that position by former Chief Justice Randall Shepherd. Current Chief Justice Brent Dickson recently reappointed him to the post. During his service as chairman, Judge Goff has made similar presentations at IJC training for new trial court employees and training for new judges. Judge Goff also serves on the Board of Directors of the IJC, representing Wabash, Huntington, Wells and Adams counties.

Posted on 2013 Dec 10