4H opens 2014 enrollment, new projects offered

by Ashley Flynn

Enrollment for the coming 4H season is now open until Feb. 1, 2014. This year, Wabash County 4H is introducing four new projects, two new competitions, and one new club. With over 50 projects to choose from, 4H reaches the interests of nearly all children.

Aquatic Science is a new project introduced this year where participants either learn how to care for a fish tank or participate in a breeding class. The tanks will be displayed at the fair with fish in them.

The new computer program will give kids the opportunity to design programs, games, marketing material or other products.

With the new small engine project, kids will learn how to repair an engine and put the proper fluids into it.

Also new this year is sport fishing. 4Hers will create an exhibit demonstrating what they learned about sport fishing.

The two new competitions are public speaking and performing arts.

4H is offering a new robotics club based on the National Science Curriculum of Junk Drawer Robotics. Club members will create teams and work through tasks with their robots.

Mini 4H also has new things for the coming year. REMC is helping 4H start a mini 4H electric program where kids will learn about solar power and create a solar powered car.

A new showmanship division will be open to second graders. The kids will team up with an older member of 4H and learn how to care for an animal. There will be a mock show for those involved.

“We really want more people involved. 4H is a great learning opportunity in the summer. We also provide leadership skills and service opportunities,” Angela Christopher of 4H Youth Development told The Paper.

4H offers a wide variety of projects sparking interests from scrapbooking to Lego type models to tractor maintenance and everything in-between. Descriptions of projects can be found online or in the enrollment packet. There is no limit on the amount of projects kids can enroll in.

The majority of projects are unrelated to livestock, but horses, llamas and dairy heifers may be leased for the season.

Last year, 611 kids participated in Wabash County 4H and just fewer than 200 participated in mini 4H. Enrollment papers will be sent out during school this year. They may be turned into the Purdue Extension office located on the second floor of the courthouse, or enrollment may be done online.

4H is the largest youth organization at a national level. It is a year-around program. Next year’s Wabash County 4H Fair will be held during the first week of July.

Posted on 2013 Dec 03