Sugar Rush Boutique Spa and Salon now open

by Ashley Flynn

Wabash got a whole lot glitterier Nov. 2 with the opening of Sugar Rush at 150 W. Harrison Ave.

Inspired by her two daughters, Danielle Shenefield knew exactly how she wanted her store to look.

“This has all been in my head for about three years and it’s finally out,” she said.

And the girls, Taylor 5, and Kenzie, 2, love it.

“They’re in heaven. They’re always asking if we can go to the store.”

With wall-to-wall pink, purple and glitter, Sugar Rush is a little girl’s paradise. The boutique, spa and salon offers a variety of spa packages aimed at pampering young princesses. There’s even a runway for the girls to show off their new look.

The popular Glitzy Glam includes hairstyle with glitter, nail polish and Glitz makeup with a shimmer star.

Other packages combine manicures, pedicures, facials, hairstyles, makeup, and more. Each package is loaded with glitter and glam. Services and products are also offered individually.

One of the most popular products is the make your own lip gloss and lotion.

Girls choose from bubblegum, cotton candy, or strawberry along with a color to create a their own lip gloss. Lotions can be layered with different scents making each bottle unique.

Tutus, bows, accessories and embroidered shirts can also be purchased at Sugar Rush.

Before the shop, Danielle primarily sold homemade bows and shirts from her Facebook page Glam Star Bowtique.

“I wanted to open a store with my shirts and bows, but this is perfect. I just combined everything into one,” said Danielle, whose always wanted to own her own business.

“In high school, I went to cosmetology school at Heartland, so I always wanted my own hair salon. When I had my girls, it kind of changed into kids’ stuff.”

Sugar Rush isn’t just for kids though; in the back of the shop is an adult hair salon.

“Moms, grandmas and dads can go back there and get their hair done and the kids can come up here at the same time,” Danielle said.

The stylist, Hannah Griffith, accepts both walk-ins and scheduled appointments. Already, Danielle is thinking about expanding.

“I want to grow our salon part into more women’s clothing and accessories. I’m running out of space, so getting a bigger space is definitely on this list.”

For their grand opening, Sugar Rush had a line out the door, and has been steady since.

“I wasn’t sure how well it would go over in a small town,” said Danielle, but added that the store is just how she imagined it would be.

With help from her family, she created the image that’s been in her head for years.

“Some family members helped build the stations. I knew where I wanted stuff and how I wanted it, so it didn’t take too long to get it done,” she said.

For Danielle, the best part of opening her store is making the girls happy.

“I had a little girl the other day say this is better than Justice, and to little girls, Justice is the place. I love hearing all the names. One little girl called it the sparkle store. Hearing how they love it, that’s the best part.”

Posted on 2013 Dec 03