Cathy’s Natural Market to open Nov. 23

The 1,700 square foot storefront, located at 1315 North Cass Street in Wabash, is planning a Grand Opening celebration for Saturday, Nov. 23, from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. The store is owned and operated by long-time North Manchester resident Cathy Price.

Cathy’s Natural Market will be a “one-stop shop for health-minded consumers,” according to Price. The store will carry organic produce, specialty food items for gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free and vegan diets, and non-genetically-modified food, as well as natural vitamins and nutritional supplements.

The market will also carry local farm-fresh organic meat and produce, natural baked goods for special dietary needs and gourmet cheeses, along with soaps, creams and various toiletry items made with all-natural ingredients.

Cathy and her husband, Rick, are both on strict diets due to allergies and sensitivities to a variety of foods. They altered their diets in 2009 after Rick began experiencing digestive problems, lost weight, and was diagnosed with celiac disease. Celiac disease is a digestive and autoimmune disorder that requires a gluten-free diet in order to manage its potentially debilitating symptoms that can lead to malnourishment.

To ensure her husband was eating properly and help him to manage his disease, Cathy began buying gluten-free products and studying holistic nutrition. She later had herself tested and discovered that she is sensitive to wheat and diary products. After altering their diets, the Prices’ health issues were minimized and they began  feeling more energetic, according to Cathy. The only problem they ran into was the short supply of specialized and natural food products available in Wabash County.

The Prices hope to solve this dilemma with the opening of Cathy’s Natural Market, which will have two part-time employees assisting Cathy as she runs the store full-time. In addition to selling natural products, Cathy hopes to eventually use some of the store building’s open space to offer educational classes to help individuals learn how to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

For more information on Cathy’s Natural Market, visit the store’s Facebook page or call Cathy Price at 260-274-0137. Their website will soon be up and running at

Posted on 2013 Nov 19