Beauchamp McSpadden sees promise in local youth, Oct. 13-19 is Promise Pledge Week



For the youngest students in Wabash County, college is no longer simply something they imagine—it is a place they have visited and seen for themselves. On Sept. 27, every kindergarten through third grader in Wabash County visited Manchester University for a day full of activities and fun. The community celebrated students’ dreams for the future at the “Walk Into My Future” event. 

The event and Promise initiative were successful thanks in large part to the efforts of presenting sponsor, Beauchamp McSpadden.

“We are proud to be the presenting sponsor of the Wabash County Promise, because we strongly support efforts that make Wabash County a better place to work, play and live. To us, this means encouraging and supporting the hopes and dreams of the youngest members in our community,” said President Parker Beauchamp.

The event was a culmination of a month-long awareness push and classroom activities for students. Since August, the percentage of K-3 students with a 529 account has increased from 6 percent to over 70 percent.  This is important because when children have a savings account in their name, they are seven times more likely to attend college than similar youth who do not have an account. Students were also celebrated for dreaming about their future.

“Each of the activities that are part of the Wabash County Promise will inspire hope for the future in the lives of our youth. The benefits of instilling hope are too numerous to count; hope is the greatest predictor of future success,” said Beauchamp.

Indiana's Treasurer Richard Mourdock spoke at the event and presented four students with a gift of $529 to go in their savings accounts. Two students, Kyle Ellis and Caroline Catt from OJ Neighbours Elementary and Sara Hull and Ethan Campbell from Manchester Elementary were chosen in a drawing to receive the scholarship gifts.

As part of the Promise, students will reach out to the champions in their lives, especially October 13-19, which is Promise Pledge Week. Students who raise $25 of investments for their college savings account will receive $75 in community matching gifts. Champions can invest in a child’s account by writing a check or money order. Students will return pledges to school on October 21.

For more coverage of the “Walk into my Future” event and the success of the Wabash County Promise look for a special section in the Nov. 13 edition of The Paper. To learn more about the Wabash County Promise or discuss how you can get involved, please contact Amanda Jones-Layman at 260-563-9622 or

Posted on 2013 Oct 16