‘The Road Back’: Wabash author draws readers closer to God

In his new book on Christian theology, “The Road Back,” Wabash author Rick Tolley offers refreshing lessons to draw Christians even closer to God and re-ignite the love that Christians might have lost.

Many today are searching for relevance of the Christian life. In “The Road Back,” Tolley challenges those who are wrestling with the Christian life to think outside the box. With a unique look at how the Christian life fits into the world today, he uses stories and analogies that will challenge the readers’ thinking. His plain and simple approach challenges them to grow deeper in their walk with God by going outside traditional, religious thinking without compromising God’s Word.

This book, however, is not intended to be a substitute for The Word of God, but only to draw readers into the Bible, to see the valuable treasures that are there for them to discover. It’s intended to spark a hunger to know God and his plan and purpose for their lives. It will challenge readers to ask themselves the tough questions that come up in traditional Christianity.

Tolley has served as a pastor for over 30 years in a variety of non-traditional settings—from a converted horse barn to a movie theater. He has reached beyond the walls of the traditional church to meet people where they are. He has served as a youth pastor, a mentor, and teacher within the jails and prisons, working with adults as well as juveniles. He is founder of New Foundations Ministries and currently serves as pastor of Wagon Wheel Ministries in Clinton Missouri Where he lives with his wife and two special needs children.

Posted on 2013 Oct 15