Bechtol Grocery hosts benefit sale

Bechtol Grocery Company is proud to announce the 11th Annual Cancer Day Sale on Wednesday, Oct. 2.

Five percent of all sales that day will be donated to the local Wabash County Chapter of the American Cancer Society. Doors will open early for this one-day sales event at 7 a.m.

Mike Bechtol, president of Bechtol Grocery, said, “This year’s sale is bigger and broader than any of the previous 10 Cancer Day Sales.” Bechtol continues, “The 11th Annual Cancer Day sale is combining a one day meat sale along with the expected cancer day items.” Celebrity baggers will be scheduled throughout the day to help with the huge influx. Bechtol said, “cancer affects so many people and families and this our special way of giving back to our community that supports us throughout the year.”

Bechtol Grocery receives special support from their suppliers and vendors that enables them to pass along great special pricing. Bechtol Grocery is a locally owned supermarket and is located at 120 Hale Drive on the south side of Wabash.

Posted on 2013 Sep 24

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