Community Foundation of Wabash County issues new grant guidelines and applications

The Good Deeds Grant program of the Community Foundation of Wabash County distributes 50,000-75,000 dollars annually in small grants to nonprofits in Wabash County for charitable work. This fall, new grant guidelines will bring greater focus to the formerly broad program. While the Foundation’s grant program is open to all organizations doing charitable work in the county and will continue to be, the CFWC is focusing on the effectiveness of grants.

The Community Foundation will consider an application effective if it proposes to meet the basic needs of people in Wabash County and provide enrichment experiences for those with limited resources and opportunities. The Foundation will give preference to programs, projects, and organizations that address economic development, education, the arts, health, civic activity, as well as recreation as long as the grant provides opportunities for people with limited resources.

To attempt to measure the success of grants, a new application form asks applicants to set measurable goals for grants and, if granted, to be able to report the extent to which they met the goals.

Additional changes include greater financial accountability, the submission of two quotes for capital purchases and a demonstration that the applicant is working in cooperation with other nonprofits doing similar work or that no other organization is doing similar work.

Semi-annual application deadlines are March 15 and Sept. 15. Awards are announced a month later.

Full guidelines and application forms are available online at

Posted on 2013 Aug 13