Metro North welcomes new principal

by Kalie Ammons

Metro North Elementary School will welcome Janette Moore into its halls this fall.

“I am thrilled to be here and excited to meet with the staff and the students and their families,” Janette told The Paper.

Mrs. Moore was previously employed by the Huntington County Community School Corporation for 12 years. While she might be a first-time principal, she is no stranger to leadership positions. Five of those years she worked as a teacher at Andrews Elementary where she taught first, second and third grade. She was then offered the position for the Professional Development Coordinator for Elementary Grades where she served as an instructional coach for teachers teaching preschool through sixth grade.

This experience came in handy when applying for the Metro North position. Mrs. Moore was chosen out of 19 applicants. The school board chose to use a more rigorous method of hiring this year:

“Rather than doing the typical one hour interview, our interviews were three hours long. They included: a role-play with candidate; a panel interview; a building tour and reflection interview, just with me. And I was involved in the panel interview as well. We looked at what type of criteria we are looking for in a leader. One of our top ones was school culture and family community engagement,” explained Dr. Sandra Weaver, MSD Superintendent.

Mrs. Moore currently lives with her family on the Huntington/Wabash county line. Her family is discussing whether it would be beneficial to move closer to the school.

The Moore family has three children, the oldest going into seventh grade, the middle going into second at Metro North, and the youngest “a three-year-old, and he’s a future Polar Bear.”

Mrs. Moore plans to continue the programs that have been successful at Metro North and work with the faculty, students and parents on any areas that might need improvement. “I’m excited to get to meet [the faculty] and build relationships with them and support them.”

When asked about what attracted Janette to Metro North, she replied: “I grew up just north of Logansport in a smaller school district in a rural type environment, similar to Metro North. It just feels like home to come to a smaller school base. I am very passionate about K-3, with all of my experience being in those lower elementary grades, and I just love literacy instruction.”

Mrs. Moore will start her new position around the first week of August. Excited and slightly anxious, she is eager to get the ball rolling.

“I am just thrilled to be here. I am excited to call Metro North and MSD of Wabash our home now.”



Posted on 2013 Jul 30