County farm barn gets new life with help from local contributors

by Emily Armentrout

The County Farm Barn, located off Manchester Avenue, has been given new siding and had the roof repaired with the help of local contributors.

The barn was in serious need of repair, as the Wabash County Farm becomes one of Indiana’s new testing hubs. “The barn needed to have something done with it or weather wise, we were going to lose it. None of the doors were on it and the roof had several holes. Weather was getting inside,” Susi Stephan from the Wabash County Soil and Water Conservation District told The Paper.

With the help of the County Commissioners, contributions from the Lowell Smith family, the Mel Boyer family, Mitch Meyer of MYF Designs and Jason Randel of Randel Construction, the Soil and Water Conservation District was able to repair the siding and roof of the barn. They also added new doors and MYF Designs made a new “Wabash County Farm” sign.

“We will also have a smaller sign, thanking the people who helped make the repairs possible. The Commissioners were a big help. Mel Boyer’s family made a memorial fund that they continue to give into for educational purposes in the district, as does Lowell Smith’s family. With their permission, we used some of those funds for the repair,” said Stephan.

The SWCD would like to thank the County Commissioners, Lowell Smith’s family, Mel Boyer’s family, MYF Designs and Randel Construction for their help in repairing the historic barn.

Posted on 2013 Jul 08