New feature added to June’s Walk with a Doc

June 15 is the date for this month’s Walk with a Doc.  The walk will start at the Y at 8 a.m.   Co-chair Jan Roland, Wabash City Schools, comments that there are added features to this month’s walk.  “We are trying to challenge people a little with this walk.  We will have colored markers along the route.  When people see the marker, they are encouraged to increase their walking speed a little.  When they see the next colored marker, they will slow back to their original pace.”   This is called interval training and is used to up peoples’ cardiovascular rates.  This increase helps the person focus on a better ‘workout’ on this walk. 

Wabash’s Walk with a Doc is one of the best in Indiana.  The goal is to become the best WWAD. This can be accomplished by increasing the amount of people who participate. 

“There were about 30 people who did the Walk in May.  We are hoping for 60 or more this month,” said Roland.  This month, the walk is sponsored again by Wabash MPI/Carver.  They are providing a snack and water to each walker.  Also, TAS bike shop is having the sign up sheet for people who walk three of the walks this year.  Those names will be entered in a drawing for a $25 gift card from Subway. 

“It would be great for everyone who walked in May to bring one other person with them to the June walk,” stated Roland.  Doctors will be available at the walk to talk to people about a walking program that fits their needs. 

Posted on 2013 Jun 10