Local fireman presenting new CPR technique

The Wabash Fire Department is starting a program that will teach people about the importance of early Automated External Defibrillator (AED) use. They are also emphasizing the importance of good quality chest compressions.

This new technique is called cardio-cerebral resuscitation (CCR). “CCR concentrates on chest compressions, unlike CPR which not only concentrates on compressions but also breathing into the person’s mouth,” said Adam Copeland, the local fireman leading the presentations.

In his presentations, Copeland answers people’s questions, shows them how easy it is to use an AED and reminds them not to be intimidated by the situation.

The AED talks you through the exactly how to use the machine. It even reminds you to remain calm and call 911. “There isn’t even a button to remember to push. You just open the lib and it walks you through everything,” added Copeland.

Each presentation lasts about 20 to 30 minutes and he is wanting to visit factories, businesses and schools. This initiative just started, but Copeland has already given presentations at the library and hopes to get to the schools this coming school year.

The fire department just started using CCR in the past 6 months to a year according to Copeland.  In the long run, CCR can hopefully save lives and improve quality of life after someone goes into cardiac arrest.

If you are interested in having Adam give a presentation at your business or you are interested in purchasing an AED for your business, you can contact him at the fire department. Call 563-1166 and ask for Adam Copeland.

Posted on 2013 Jun 04