Education for Conflict Resolution wraps up Families Talk About Aging Seminars

Education for Conflict Resolution (ECR) will present the final session of the four part Families Talk About Aging series on April 9.  This session was originally scheduled for Feb. 23 but was postponed. 

The goal of the series is to assist families in having the difficult conversations related to the aging process. The final presentation will be held, at no charge, from 10 - 11:30 a.m. in the Timbercrest Assembly Room. To get the most benefit, it is recommended that family groupings of two or more attend, preferably with different generations present.

As with all of the seminars, families will have the opportunity to both learn and practice the principles presented.

Families Talk About Aging has been taught by Cheri Krueckeberg, Manchester University Associate Professor of Social Work and Gerontology Director, and Beverly Eikenberry, Mediator and ECR Program Director.

On April 9, Krueckeberg and Eikenberry will present “Losing Independence-What does it REALLY mean?”   Attendees will become aware of how each family member is dependent. Then Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, through video, will help families discover value within total dependence. In addition, an authority will speak on maintaining safety as a driver ages. 

Families are invited to attend this last seminar, even if they have not been to the previous sessions.

Education for Conflict Resolution is a non-profit organization based at Manchester University. ECR is dedicated to the task of “putting the understandings and skills needed for successful conflict resolutions into the hands of as many persons as possible.” To learn more about ECR, visit

Posted on 2013 Mar 22