Changes made to local property tax credits affect estate and landowners
By Emma Rausch
Local property tax credits have decreased, according to the Wabash County Treasurer’s Office.
The tax credits have dropped over $150 since 2014, which may affect some property owners’ property tax bills as they are received this month, according to Sharon Shaw, county treasurer.
“This year the Homesteads are getting less local property tax credits than we did last year,” Shaw said. “That has to do with four changes that were made.”
Posted on 2015 Apr 21
City pursues sewage bond
By Joseph Slacian
A plan to seek a sewage bond of up to $3 million cleared its first hurdle on Wednesday, April 15.
The plan to seek the bonds must now be considered by the Wabash City Council. It is likely to hear a request on the matter at its April 27 meeting.
The funds will be used for the city’s work in separating the sanitary and storm sewers. The city has until 2028 to complete the work, which is required by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.
The work is needed so in the event of a heavy rainstorm, the sanitary sewers aren’t filling up with storm water “and becoming more than the sewage plant can handle and ending up dumping sewage into the river,” City Attorney Doug Lehman told the board. 
Posted on 2015 Apr 21
City sets policies for terminating employees

By Joseph Slacian

The City of Wabash took steps to guard itself in the case of wrongful termination lawsuits when the Wabash Board of Public Works and Safety met on April 15.

The board passed two resolutions creating policies, one for the termination of police officers and fire department employees and the other for the termination of standard city employees.

The measures, City Attorney Doug Lehman noted, are required because of the city’s insurance policy.

“Basically all we are doing here is something to help assure that the city receives the best insurance coverage at the lowest price possible,” he explained to the board. “When we renewed our insurance this last time, we have insurance policies that cover employment practices so that if we ‘wrongly terminate’ somebody and they bring a suit against us, it provides a defense and, if we are unsuccessful, it ends up with the insurance company paying whatever damages the person is claiming.”

Posted on 2015 Apr 21
Lower gas prices expected this summer
By Joseph Slacian
Motorists will pay the lowest gas prices this summer than in 2005, according to a study by GasBuddy.
The summer driving season, which runs from Memorial Day through Labor Day, will see gas prices averaging about $2.35 per gallon. That is down from an earlier forecast which had prices about $2.45 per gallon.
Both of the forecast figures are still lower than they have been the past 10 summers.
“That means more Americans can afford to pack up and go enjoy a summer getaway because the cost of getting there will likely be the lowest since 2005,” said Patrick DeHaan, a senior petroleum analyst with GasBuddy.
Posted on 2015 Apr 21
Wabash County population to decline by more than 10% unless…
By Emma Rausch
Wabash County is estimated to lose more than 10 percent of its population by 2050, according to population projections released by the Indiana Business Research Center (IBRC).
Between 2010 and 2050, while Indiana’s general population is projected to increase 15 percent, 49 of the state’s 92 counties are expected to see a population decline due to past demographic and migration trends.
“These population projects are purely demographic, meaning that they rely exclusively on recent birth/death data and migration estimates,” wrote IBRC Economic Analyst Matt Kinghorn in the projections report. “Therefore, these figures are a reflection of what Indiana and its communities will look like if past trends continue.”
Posted on 2015 Apr 21
Davis comes off probationary status
Mayor Robert Vanlandingham gives the oath of office to Firefighter-Paramedic Jason Davis during the April 13 Wabash City Council meeting. Photo by Joseph Slacian
By Joseph Slacian
Jason Davis is officially off probationary status with the Wabash Fire Department.
Davis, a firefighter-paramedic, was sworn-in to full-time status on Monday night by Mayor Robert Vanlandingham.
Fire Chief Bob Mullett said under city policy, all firefighters have the probationary status for their first year of service.
Posted on 2015 Apr 21
Wabash man charged after hit-and-run accident
By Joseph Slacian
A Wabash man was arrested April 13 following a car and foot pursuit with Indiana Conservation Officers the Marion City Police Department and the Grant County Sheriffs Department.
The man, Wayne Lisby, 37, allegedly struck a pedestrian with his vehicle in Marion then fled to the Mississinewa Reservoir whereupon he led officers on a foot pursuit. 
Lisby reportedly struck Marla Turner, 49, of Marion in the Marsh Supermarket parking lot in Marion at approximately 3:52p.m . Turner was flown by Lutheran Air Ambulance from the scene in critical condition. 
Posted on 2015 Apr 21
New toy store opens on Market Street
The Black Squirrel is a new Wabash toy store now open for business. The store sells a variety of eco-friendly, sustainable toys from around the globe, including a few locally crafted items. Store owner Kristy Church said that she feels it’s important not only for parents to know where their toys come from but to also teach children to be sustainable through the items they play with. Photo by Emma Rausch
By Emma Rausch
The Black Squirrel toy store and art gallery is now open for business after its soft opening on April 16.
Located next door to Modoc’s Market, the toy store serves not only as a source for toys from around the world, but also as a hangout spot for children while their parents get a coffee next door, according to Kristy Church, storeowner.
“I hoping that people who come to Charley Creek and the Honeywell Center or who are just visiting from out of town will have something else to do and bring presents home to their kids and grandkids.”
Posted on 2015 Apr 21

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