Commissioners to suggest full-time Veteran Service Officer
By Joseph Slacian
Wabash County Commissioners on Monday agreed to seeking a full-time Veteran Service Officer (VSO) for the county.
To do so, they must include it in the proposed 2016 budget, which is ultimately decided upon by the Wabash County Council.
The action came in light of two straight weeks of complaints from a group of veterans and their supporters who are dissatisfied with the help they are currently receiving from the Veteran Service Office.
Posted on 2015 Jun 16
City gets $1.235 million additional appropriation
By Joseph Slacian
The Wabash City Council approved an additional appropriation of $1.235 million on Monday, June 8.
The appropriations, which will be used for a variety of different projects, was unanimously approved, but not without a debate of nearly 40 minutes.
The largest bulk of the appropriation -- $500,000 – will be used for the city’s pledge to the Stellar Program. The council, in May 2014, pledged the funds should the city be named a Stellar Community. It received the designation in August 2014.
Posted on 2015 Jun 16
Museum completes phase one of caboose restoration
Christine Flohr gives a speech to celebrate phase one of Wabash County Historical Museum’s caboose restoration project. Flohr is the interim executive director of Wabash Marketplace, the organization the museum partnered with to get a grant for the project. Photo by Adam Smith
By Adam B. Smith
Driving up State Road 13 through downtown Wabash, visitors pass by a big red caboose sitting on a piece of track next to the Wabash County Historical Museum.
The train’s journey from active service to its current resting place has been a long haul, and the museum celebrated the completion of phase one of their restoration project Friday June 5.
Wabash Circuit Court Judge Robert McCallen III said the caboose went on its last ride sometime between 1906 and 1923 and found its way to a farmer’s field. He said his father saw the caboose while driving one day and asked about purchasing it, but the farmer told him it wasn’t for sale.
Posted on 2015 Jun 16
Roann man recognized for 45 years with Paper Coating
Daryl Evans (right) presents David Vigar with a plaque commemorating his 45 years of work at Miami-Wabash Paper. Cigar has worked at the paper coating company since he graduated high school in 1970. Photo by Adam Smith
By Adam B. Smith
A lot happens over 45 years. New ownership, a new name and a new building at a new location, David Vigar has seen it all since he stepped into Wabash Paper Coating on June 5, 1970, for his first day of work.
The company, now Miami-Wabash Paper, commemorated Vigar’s longtime service Monday, June 8, by presenting him with a plaque and a check.
Daryl Evans, Vice President and General Manager of Miami-Wabash Paper, said he thinks its unheard of for someone to work one job since graduating high school like Vigar. He said Vigar’s knowledge, efficiency and dependability in the workplace have made him enjoyable to work with.
“People like him just don’t miss work because they’ve got a runny nose,” Evans said. 
Posted on 2015 Jun 16
Local Duke Energy facility reports petroleum spill on site
By Emma Rausch
The Wabash County Health Department received notice June 5 of a gasoline release, spill or overfill at the Wabash district office of Duke Energy, according to a press release from the local department.
Duke Energy had removed an underground fuel storage tank at its Wabash facility located at 1200 Manchester Ave., according to Angeline Protogere, communications manager.
Posted on 2015 Jun 16
Youngsters learn about exotic animals
A young boy shows his displeasure as Sasha Tetzlaff of the Fort Wayne Zoo shows a redknee tarantula to youngsters and adults at the Wabash Carnegie Public Library’s Summer Reading Program event June 10 at the Honeywell Center. Photo by Joseph Slacian
By Joseph Slacian
More than 300 people gathered Wednesday morning, June 10, to learn about wildlife as part of the Wabash Carnegie Public Library’s Summer Reading Program.
Sasha Tetzlaff of the Fort Wayne Zoo brought five different animals to the Honeywell Center’s Legacy Hall for young and old alike to see, discuss and feel during his hour-long presentation. Tetzlaff also took the program to the North Manchester Public Library for its summer reading program, as well.
 Tetzlaff brought with him a Mexican redknee tarantula, as well as a fire-bellied frog, an indigo snake, a Senegal parrot and a ferret. He also showed the exoskeleton of a tarantula.
Posted on 2015 Jun 16
2 officers join Wabash Police Department
Kyle Lafferty receives the oath of office from Mayor Robert Vanlandingham. Photo by Joseph Slacian
By Joseph Slacian
Kyle Lafferty and Jason Mooney were sworn in Monday night as probationary policemen with the Wabash Police Department during the Wabash City Council meeting.
Lafferty is a 2008 Wabash High School graduate who served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 2008-13. He is the son of Curtis Lafferty and Kimberly Lafferty.
A Peru native, Mooney graduated from Peru High School in 1996 and served with the Peru Police Department from 2000-15.
He and his wife, Mandy, have two children ages 1 and 3 years.
Posted on 2015 Jun 16
City to pursue sewer projects
By Joseph Slacian
The city could undertake up to four various sewer-related projects in the coming months, thanks to a resolution passed Monday night, June 8, by the Wabash City Council.
The measure designated $553,581 for use on the projects, which are considered economic development projects.
The money was excess funds from the city’s Manchester Avenue project in 2010. In that project, the city separated storm and sewer lines along the avenue.
Posted on 2015 Jun 16

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