Dr. Ben Carson to speak at Wabash County Republican fundraiser in October

By Ashley Flynn

Benjamin S. Carson, Sr., M.D., has recently been hailed a hero among conservatives after he ditched the so-called political correctness and expressed his opinions opposing high taxes and ObamaCare in his keynote speech at the National Prayer Breakfast Feb. 7.

The next day, Dr. Carson’s name filled the headlines including a Wall Street Journal op-ed titled “Ben Carson for President.” Dr. Carson went from politically unknown to potential presidential candidate within a matter of days, and this October he will stop in Wabash to speak at the Wabash County Republican’s annual fundraiser.

Posted on 2013 Jun 04
Board meeting to be held to discuss damage at LaFontaine Elementary

by Emily Armentrout

The Metropolitan School District of Wabash County will hold its next board meeting on Tuesday, June 11 in the LaFontaine Elementary gymnasium at 6 p.m. to discuss damage to a structural beam on the west side of the building that has rusted out and needs replaced.

“Our current option is to use the front classrooms for 6th grade, while the community, board of education and district officials work to decide the plans for the following year,” Dr. Sandra Weaver, Superintendent of MSD told The Paper.

Posted on 2013 Jun 04
Local fireman presenting new CPR technique

The Wabash Fire Department is starting a program that will teach people about the importance of early Automated External Defibrillator (AED) use. They are also emphasizing the importance of good quality chest compressions.

This new technique is called cardio-cerebral resuscitation (CCR). “CCR concentrates on chest compressions, unlike CPR which not only concentrates on compressions but also breathing into the person’s mouth,” said Adam Copeland, the local fireman leading the presentations.

Posted on 2013 Jun 04
School Choice Indiana representative spoke at St. Bernard School

Last Wednesday, a representative from School Choice Indiana gave an informational presentation to parents at St. Bernard Catholic School.

School Choice Indiana is a non-partisan, statewide not for profit organization dedicated to expanding quality education options for Hoosier families.

During the presentation, parents received information on different programs and school choice options, eligibility and steps to take to apply for a program.

Posted on 2013 Jun 04
Wagon Wheel Theatre Presents -Shrek, The Musical

Kicking the 58th season off with a bang, The Wagon Wheel Theatre presents the Tony Award winning musical based on the DreamWorks film, which made “Shrek” a household name.  Ending its national tour in April of this year, Shrek, The Musical makes it regional debut only at the Wagon Wheel Theatre in Warsaw June 5-15.

Posted on 2013 Jun 04
Town of Roann gains Historic District status

by Joy Harber

Roann’s Community Heritage preservation group held its annual public meeting at the Roann Public Library on May 13. The meeting featured a power point presentation by guest speaker, Kurt Garner, regarding the town of Roann gaining Historic District status by the National Register of Historic Places on March 20.

Posted on 2013 May 28
Heartland Career Center holds graduation at Honeywell Center

On Wednesday, May 22, the seniors of Heartland Career Center were given their certificates of completion. Some juniors were also honored if they received career excellence. 

Posted on 2013 May 28
Pathfinder Services announces opportunity for two new volunteers

Pathfinder Services  is now accepting applications for two new volunteer positions targeting to begin in July. The two new positions are for VISTA (Volunteers In Service To America) volunteers through AmeriCorps, a Corporation for National and Community Service, and will work collaboratively with a great deal of cross over and support with Marketing and Volunteerism for Pathfinder Services.

The Marketing/Social Media VISTA volunteer position will be focused on developing and initiating marketing and social media plans to build capacity of the community stabilization programs of Pathfinder Services through social media and alternative platforms.

Posted on 2013 May 28

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