303 people view ‘Star Wars’ pre-opening night at Eagles Theatre
Famous “Star Wars” droids R2-D2 and C-3P0 were displayed inside the Historical Eagles Theatre on Thursday, Dec. 17, and gave a chance for new and old fans a like the chance to grab a photo or two with the stars. Photo by Emma Rausch
By Emma Rausch
An estimated 1,300 people watched “Star Wars: Episode Seven – The Force Awakens” at the Historical Eagles Theatre during its opening weekend starting Thursday, Dec. 17, according to Vickie Miller, theatre operating manager.
“The Force Awakens” is the seventh installment and the sequel to the original “Star Wars” trilogy, which was first released in 1977.
The film opens on a Stormtrooper, a genetically modified soldier, named Finn as he tries to flee the evil military organization, The First Order. During his escape, his finds himself on the desert planet Jakku and meets the young, female scavenger Rey. Together they flee into space and set off to discover their destinies.
Worldwide, the film grossed about $238 million by Sunday with $120 million opening day, according to NBC News.
Posted on 2015 Dec 22
Mayor urges slow down along detour routes
Mayor Robert Vanlandingham reminds local residents that the bridge work at Harrison Avenue and Wabash Street will be ongoing until May 2016.
City Hall is getting phone calls about excess speed along the detour routes, and residents need to remember there are families being subjected to a major increase in traffic, the mayor said.
That, in turn, creates potential for accidents and/or someone getting hurt.
Vanlandingham encourages all citizens to slow down and be courteous to those who live in the areas of Gladstone and Broadmoor.
The police department will be increasing their visibility along with more signage and the possibility of temporary speed bumps.
"We understand the inconvenience but we need everyone’s patience and cooperation," the mayor said.
Posted on 2015 Dec 15
Christmas Spirit visits county children bearing gifts
Denise Snavely (left) and her father Dennis Starbuck (center) pack up their vehicle with boxes during the Wabash County Christmas Spirit delivery day. Volunteers like Snavely and Starbuck help program committee members like Christina Crump (right) deliver gifts to families in need of holiday assistance. Photo by Emma Rausch
By Emma Rausch
Nearly 1,200 kids were visited by the Wabash County Christmas Spirit Saturday, Dec. 12, with volunteers bearing gifts for children to open on Christmas day.
The late Ombra Keffaber and her husband, John, originally founded the Christmas gift program as “Santa’s Workshop” in 1968 until the now-closed Youth Service’s Bureau took over the project in 2002 and renamed in Operation Elf.
Since taking over the holiday service program Operation Elf in 2012, the Wabash County Christmas Spirit (WCCS) has continued the local tradition by filling 1,191 children’s Christmas lists this year and serving 425 families in need of aid during the holiday season.
Toys ranged from Barbie dolls to footballs, hair-coloring items to clothes and donated guitars.
Posted on 2015 Dec 15
Local man proposes to girlfriend at Historic Eagles Theatre
Max Mattern and Morgan Tucker look up at family members in the Historic Eagles Theatre balcony who gathered to watch his proposal on Wednesday, Dec. 9. Photo by Emma Rausch
By Emma Rausch
Morgan Tucker and Max Mattern are officially engaged after an elaborate evening out at the Historic Eagles Theatre in Wabash.
Mattern planned a date out with his now-fiancée at the movies to see the film “The Plunge,” a movie – unbeknownst to Tucker – reflecting on the couple’s past six years together.
Mattern bought out the entire theatre for the proposal, and planned the elaborate hoax with the couple’s family and venue staff down to every last detail, including commercials for the theatre’s upcoming film, “Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens.”
Audience members were staged in the lower levels of the hall while Mattern’s and Tucker’s family were seated in the second balcony.
Posted on 2015 Dec 15
Chamber honors outgoing mayor
Mayor Robert Vanlandingham accepts a certificate from Kim Pinkerton, Wabash County Chamber of Commerce President, for in honor of his 12 years of service on the Chamber’s board of directors. Photo by Joseph Slacian
By Joseph Slacian
The Wabash County Chamber of Commerce honored Wabash Mayor Robert Vanlandingham during its Business Before Hours program at the Honeywell Center on Wednesday, Dec. 9.
Vanlandingham, who is leaving office at the end of the year, was honored for the 12 years he served as an ex-officio member on the Chamber’s board of directors.
Chamber President Kim Pinkerton presented him with a certificate for his service, as well as a membership to the Honeywell Golf Course.
“It’s been a journey with the mayor,” Pinkerton said in introducing Vanlandingham. “We had a vision. We wanted good things for the community. 
“The mayor is the kind of man who, if you have an idea, he always wants to help us figure out how to do it.”
Posted on 2015 Dec 15
Participants sought for Teens as Teachers Conference
By Joseph Slacian
Local 4-H members will have a chance to attend a Teens as Teachers Conference in early 2016.
The program is open to youngsters around Wabash County who are in ninth through 11th grade. 
“They have to go as a team,” said Angela Christopher, Extension Educator - 4-H Youth Development. “We have to have teams of three to five youth go.”
Wabash County hasn’t sent any youngsters in recent years.
“We can’t send a single individual, and that has been our hold up in the past,” Christopher continued. “We might have had one or two that are interested, but we need to send a team.”
Posted on 2015 Dec 15
County council amends Rainy Day Fund
By Emma Rausch
The Wabash County Council passed an ordinance Monday, Dec. 7, amending the county’s Rainy Day Fund’s use to collect unexpended funds and, eventually, help to finance and construct a new jail.
The Wabash County Board of Commissions adopted the ordinance earlier Monday morning as part of the requirement to pass the ordinance on the County Council level, according to Mike Ridenour, council chairman.
“This is something that we’ve discussed (for) several months now, (but we’re) not necessarily going to start automatically start funding this Rainy Day Fund,” Ridenour said to the council.
Posted on 2015 Dec 15
New program designed to ‘spark’ interest in 4-H
By Joseph Slacian
A new program designed to “spark” interest in 4-H is now being offered in Wabash County.
Spark Clubs “are just short-term, special interest clubs to spark an interest in 4-H and an interest about a given topic,” according to Angela Christopher, Extension Educator - 4-H Youth Development.
Christopher said local 4-H officials first learned of the clubs during an October meeting with state 4-H officials. The state has since granted Wabash County permission to begin offering Spark Clubs.
Posted on 2015 Dec 15

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