Wabash library rededicated childrenís room
Nancy Snyder hugs one of the many children she’s met during her time as the Wabash Carnegie Public Library children’s librarian on Friday, Dec. 11, during the library’s open house and good-bye party. Snyder officially retired this month after serving 34 years at the library. Photo provided
By Emma Rausch
The Wabash Carnegie Public Library rededicated its children’s room as The Tilman-Snyder Children’s Room on Friday, Dec. 11, in honor of retiring Children’s Librarian Nancy Snyder.
Approximately 37 guests were in attendance at Snyder’s retirement party at the Women’s Clubhouse as the library board surprised her with the announcement.
Originally, the room was dedicated as The Della Tilman Children’s Room after Della Tilman, the facility’s head librarian from 1923-1969 who was an important and influential person during that time, according to Library Director Ware Wimberly III.
Posted on 2015 Dec 22
Charley Creek Inn breaks ground for building project
Breaking ground for the second phase of the Charley Creek Inn building project are (from left) Brent Martin and Jeff Kumfer of SRKM Architecture; Steve Downs and Shelby McLaughlin of Wabash Marketplace Inc., Mayor Bob Vanlandingham, Kevin Berger of Easterday Construction, Dan Ford of the Charley Creek Foundation, Howard Kaler, Charley Creek Inn general manager, Christine Flohr of Visit Wabash County, and Mark Noble of the Charley Creek Inn. Photo by Joseph Slacian
By Joseph Slacian
Ground was broken on Wednesday, Dec. 16, for the second phase of a building project at the Charley Creek Inn.
The first phase involved the demolition of a building immediately south of the Inn on Miami Street.
The demolition took place over the summer, and there was minimal disruption of travel through the downtown area.
The second phase involves an expansion of the existing building at the site of the former Smith Furniture building.
Posted on 2015 Dec 22
Council OKs new City Court case management system
By Joseph Slacian
Wabash City Court is in the process of obtaining a new CSI (Computer Systems, Inc.) Case Management System.
City Court Judge Tim Roberts made a presentation to the Wabash City Council on Monday, Dec. 14, to discuss the need for the new system. Under an Indiana Supreme Court order, the council, along with the mayor and the judge must approve seeking the new system before a State Court Administration Panel ultimately decides it upon.
The current Keystone system, Roberts said, precedes his time in office, which has been 12 years.
“Some of the problems we’ve had, and these go back, to my knowledge, at least 10 years, is that it doesn’t break out the costs and so forth,” he told the Council. “The system has some glitches in it. Because of that, the State Board of Accounts has required us to keep a separate, hand written spreadsheet."
Posted on 2015 Dec 22
Board of Works approves two projects
By Joseph Slacian
Wabash airport to get fiber communications
Metronet received a $40,000 grant from the City of Wabash to extend fiber communications infrastructure to the Wabash Municipal Airport.
The funds will come from the city’s share of the County Economic Development Income Tax (CEDIT).
Officials at the Lutheran Air Helicopter hangar have wanted fiber at the site, City Attorney Doug Lehman said.
“The city checked with Metronet, and unfortunately it is not economically feasible to run fiber down there, based on the number of customers that are likely to connect to it, without some kind of incentive or assistance,” he said. “So the mayor has decided to use funds from his special projects CEDIT money, which is for economic development.
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All-inclusive park
In another matter, the board unanimously approved a contract for the design of the all-inclusive park. The park, to be located at the John Drook Memorial Skate Park on Carroll Street, is part of the Stellar Community Grant.

“The city allocated $200,000 in June of this year,” according to Rachel Uthe, a landscape architect with American Structurepoint who is serving as the city’s spokesman for the Stellar program. “There will be a remainder of about $38,000 left of that $200,000.”

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Posted on 2015 Dec 22
County Council denies local departmentís legal fee payment request
By Emma Rausch
In a 7-0 vote, the Wabash County Council denied appropriation of funds to pay the Wabash County Health Department’s legal fees accrued in 2015.
The local health department’s officials requested $15,000 to be transferred out of the Strengthening Public Health Accreditation fund to pay attorney Larry Thrush for legal service fees in issues related to the Local Health Maintenance Fund, according to Mike Ridenour, council chairman.
“So (these are) invoices for services provided to (the health department) resulting (from the council) moving money from the Local Health Maintenance to County Health,” Ridenour explained.
Posted on 2015 Dec 22
City OKs abatements for Owens Corning, Troxel Equipment
By Joseph Slacian
Two Wabash businesses received 10-year tax abatements on Monday, Dec. 14, from the Wabash City Council.
Owens Corning (formerly Thermafiber) received two abatements, while Troxel Equipment received one.
The Owens Corning measure was a bit out of the ordinary, for one of the abatements was for work that had already been done at the Mill Street plant. Because of that, a public hearing was needed before the Council could consider the abatement.
“The reason we’re having this hearing is to talk about a tax abatement request that came in on a project that was done prior to the tax abatement application,” attorney Joel Stein told the Council.
Posted on 2015 Dec 22
Konyha, Bruss reappointed to City Schools Board
By Joseph Slacian
The Wabash City Council reappointed Bill Konyha and Matt Bruss to three-year terms on the Wabash City Schools board during the Council’s Dec. 14 meeting.
“The Council would like to thank those who took of their time to meet with us,” said Council member Joan Haag, the liaison between the Council and the Wabash City Schools Board. “It was a very informative exchange, and we’re grateful for all the input.”
Konyha and Bruss were selected from a field of six candidates. Also seeking the appointments were Liz Hobbs, Kirk Short, Candy Russell and Justin Wilcox.
Posted on 2015 Dec 22
Fourth graders learn metalworking 101
Candie Cooper McCoart shows O.J. Neighbours Elementary School teacher Amy Copeland’s fourth grade class how to fashion a necklace from their metalwork pieces on Friday, Dec. 11. Cooper McCoart spent the entire week teaching various classes metalworking techniques that she uses to make jewelry she sells across the nation. Photo by Emma Rausch
By Emma Rausch
O.J. Neighbours Elementary fourth graders hammered, bent and riveted metal Friday, Dec. 11, and throughout the week of Dec. 14 during the Honeywell Center Educational Outreach program, “Metalworking 101.”
Nationally known jewelry maker and local artist Candie Cooper McCoart headed the program and taught students how to properly use professional metalworking tool, the dapping block.
“They’re using real metalworking tools so what they’re doing feels authentic,” Cooper McCoart told The Paper of Wabash County in an interview. “Kids like using ‘real’ (tools). It’s a more special experience when they’re using the real thing.”

After doming, or shaping metal into a dome, the children then colored and fashioned their creations into a necklace to present as gifts to others or wear themselves.


Posted on 2015 Dec 22

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