Wabash County holds primary elections; race for sheriff a “Land”slide

by Eric Stearley

Wabash County residents headed for the polls on May 6 to cast their ballots in the 2014 Primary Election. When the voting centers closed, a total of 4,104 county residents had exercised their right to vote, representing 18.35 percent of those registered. While this number was significantly lower than the 5,609 who made it to the polls during the 2012 primary, (which represented 25.28 percent of registered voters) the low turnout was typical of midterm election cycles, which typically garner only 70 percent of the ballots that presidential election cycles bring.

When the votes were tallied in the most notable primary race, it was clear that Sheriff Robert E. Land came out ahead in the republican primary race for Wabash County sheriff. Land received 2,567 (72.21 percent) of the 3,605 votes cast in the race. Opponent Walter W. Woods received 24.66 percent of the votes, totaling 889, with Tim Eubank pulling in 149 votes, or 4.13 percent. The magnitude of this win surprised Sheriff Land.

“I thought it would be closer than what it was,” said Sheriff Land. “I’d like to thank everyone that supported me, and I’m asking for that support in November.”

No candidate filed to run for Wabash County Sheriff in the democratic primary.

Other notable races in the Republican Primary included:

-County Council District 1, where Claude Markstahler received 69.38 percent of the 565 total votes over Anthony DeLaughter;

-County Council District 2, where Jeff Dawes took 52.61 percent of the 825 total votes over Philip L. Dale;

-County Council District 3, where Matt Dillon took 60.65 percent of the 887 total votes over James Kaltenmark;

-Lagro Township Trustee, where Andrew DeLong took 56.69 percent of the 381 total votes over Gary Knable;

-Lagro Township Board Member, where four candidates were vying for three positions. Of the 1,023 votes cast in the race, Deb Schenkel received 29.91 percent, Lee Ann Pefley received 27.86 percent, and Rob Cole received 23.95 percent, beating out Lou Studio, who received 18.28 percent of the votes.

-State Convention Delegate, where the following 11 delegates were chosen from a field of 18 candidates in a very close race: Matt Dillon, Bonnie Kay Corn, Rob Cole, Laura Cole, Gary Nose, Dee M. Byerly, Louella J. Krom, Todd Dazey, Sandra Ferguson, Jack Ferguson, and William J. Ruppel. Ruppel beat out John W. Brunn by just 6 votes.

In the race for United States Representative for District 2, the only contested race of the democratic primary, Joe Bock beat out three opponents with 34.07 percent of the 405 total votes cast.

Posted on 2014 May 13
Brandt’s hosts Support the Troops Freedom Rally, free concert

Friday, May 30 through Sunday, June 1, Brandt’s Harley-Davidson will host the inaugural Freedom Rally in support of past and present military.

Our men and women that have served and are currently serving are the backbone of our country, and this Freedom Rally will be hosted not only as recognition of service, but also to bring our troops together in support of each other. Joining the Freedom Rally will be many respected organizations on-site that benefit the military and their families, including: Tunnel to Towers Foundation from New York, Honor Flight of Northeast Indiana, Operation Troop Aid from Tennessee, Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America from New York, US War Dogs, Troops First Foundation, Vohne Liche Kennels, Marine Moms, Two Wheels for Warriors from Michigan, Quilts of Valor, Indiana Patriot Guard, and the Freedom Riders.  There will be free, live music on Friday night, as well all day Saturday, and many other events, as well!

Posted on 2014 May 13
Manchester Marketplace expands, offering deli items

By Shaun Tilghman

When Manchester Marketplace (137 E. Main St.) opened for business in December 2012, owner Gary Long’s goal was to provide the local community with good products at good prices. Now, just a year and a half later, he has taken that goal one step further by expanding the bulk food & discount grocery store to include a fresh deli section.

“We opened Manchester Marketplace on Dec. 15, 2012, and on Feb. 27, 2014, we expanded and added the deli,” said Long. “It’s something we’ve been trying to do for a while now and we’ve been looking forward to offering this to the people of North Manchester and surrounding communities. It’s going really well and I’m excited about the products – we’ve gotten really good compliments so far.”

Basically, they’re just striving to continue in their effort to offer good products at good prices, according to Long.

“We even have several products in our deli that are gluten-free and have no MSG,” he added.

Posted on 2014 May 13
Precious Gems and Metals to close

by Eric Stearley

Precious Gems & Metals, a retail shop located at 3 East Canal Street, will close its doors for good on May 22.

Precious Gems & Metals has been in the business of buying and selling quality jewelry, precious metals since 1979. The company has built its business on going into communities for short periods of time and buying up vintage and estate jewelry at competitive prices. Word spread over the years and past customers brought more jewelry, as well as friends and family interested in selling pieces. As much as 90 percent of the items purchased are melted down and sold as gold and silver bullion. A few years ago, owner Stan Walter opened a retail store in downtown Wabash to sell high quality items that he didn’t want to scrap.

With the recent drop in the prices of gold and silver, jewelry owners are less willing to sell their items. With fewer items available for Walter to purchase, there has been a notable decrease in the supply of qualities items to sell in the downtown store.

Posted on 2014 May 13
Ron White returns to Honeywell Center

Comedian Ron White returns to the Honeywell Center on Saturday, July 19 at 7:30 p.m. to entertain audiences with his new show “Nutcracker.” Tickets went on sale Friday, May. 9. The corporate sponsor is Market Street Grill and associate sponsors are D & J Radabaugh Construction and Louis Dreyfus of Claypool.

Comedian Ron “Tater Salad” White first rose to fame as the cigar-smoking, funnyman from the Blue Collar Comedy Tour phenomenon, but now as a chart-topping comedian and a feature film actor, Ron White has established himself as a star in his own right. He has sold over 14 million albums, received two Grammy nominations, and, over the past nine years, has been one of the top three grossing standup comedians on tour in America.

Posted on 2014 May 13
Opportunity to request soybean referendum available

Beginning May 5 and running through May 30, soybean producers are being given an opportunity to decide if they want to be offered a referendum on the Soybean Check-off program.  Producers who marketed soybeans between Jan. 1, 2012 and Dec.31, 2013 and paid an assessment are eligible to participate in the request for referendum. 

Producers who would like to be offered a referendum on the soybean program should contact their local FSA office for additional information or to complete a request form.  Completed forms must be returned to the FSA office by the May 30 deadline. 

In addition to the completed form, producers must submit proof that an assessment was paid in either 2012 or 2013.  In most cases copies of settlement sheets should include the required proof of assessment being paid.

The current Soybean Check-off Program became effective on July 9, 1991 and the first assessments began Sept. 1, 1991.  The Soybean Check-off Program is administered by the United Soybean Board, which has 70 members representing 30 states.  Funds from the current check-off program are used to advance soybean marketing, promote technology and develop new uses for soybeans.

Posted on 2014 May 13
Stirring it up with Angie Baer

If I were to make a list of everything I love about springtime, having an asparagus patch just a few feet from our back door would be right at the top of that list. I love the fact that I can pick fresh asparagus for that evening’s dinner.

A few years ago, my Husband and I went to one of our favorite restaurants in downtown Ft. Wayne. I ordered shrimp scampi pasta, which turned out to be absolutely fantastic. I requested the recipe from the chef and was quickly turned down. A few days later, I decided to try and create my own version of shrimp scampi pasta. I started with the basics, adding a little of this and a pinch of that and soon I had a winner! The asparagus tips paired with the fresh mint and basil is simply delicious. I often prepare this dish during my cooking classes and it quickly becomes a favorite among my students.

Posted on 2014 May 13
Honeywell Foundation thanks volunteers

by Eric Stearley

More than one hundred volunteers filled Legacy Hall on the evening of April 29 as the Honeywell Foundation thanked its volunteers with dinner, entertainment, and an awards ceremony.

The evening began as volunteers enjoyed a buffet of chicken calabash, baked steak, broccoli salad, Brussels sprouts with bacon, glazed carrots, whipped red skin potatoes with gravy, and a variety of desserts.

As dinner came to an end, the stage came to life with an a cappella quartet composed of Tony Millspaugh, Logan Horn, Lamar Horn, and Garry Texeira. The quartet mixed music with comedy as each member’s stage persona battled with the others for personal attention and order within the group.

After a few words from Volunteer Manager Michelle Campbell, the awards ceremony began. The most anticipated of the many awards was “Volunteer of the Year.”

“In the past, the volunteer of the year was based solely on the number of hours they worked,” said Campbell. “I wanted to change things up a little bit this year, and I wanted to value the volunteers that may not spend as much time here, but still do a lot for the Honeywell Center.”

Posted on 2014 May 13

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