Holiday season rolls into Wabash
Cale Lundquist, 3, is all smiles as he sees Santa Claus on Friday night during the Celebration of Light at the Wabash County Courthouse. Photo by Joseph Slacian
By Joseph Slacian
The holiday season entered Wabash over the weekend, with the annual Celebration of Light ceremony at the Wabash County Courthouse, Santa’s arrival via fire truck and a two-day Holiday Night to Remember celebration.
Several hundred people gathered at the Courthouse to hear Vocal Impact, the Wabash County youth choir, perform several Christmas carols.
They also heard from Steve Downs, Wabash Marketplace Inc. executive director, who welcomed everyone to the event.
“This Celebration of Light has been held in Wabash County for many years,” Downs said.  “It is our community’s way of joining together to ring in the holiday season.”
Posted on 2015 Nov 24
County’s Christmas Spirit program receives 850 knit hats
A group of six local women including (from left) Alicia Zapata, June Long, Melanie Philippsen, Betty Hulley, Mary Lou Smith and Edna Crawford knitted and donated 850 hats to the Wabash County Christmas Spirit program. Photo by Emma Rausch
By Emma Rausch
The Wabash County Christmas Spirit (WCCS) program received 850 knit hats last week from six women who spent all year handcrafting them.
Wabash resident June Long said the group started knitting the first of the year.
“We started in September and we did scarves (which were donated to last year’s program),” Long said. “My grandson, Matt (Dillon), was down there every day last year.
“This year, I didn’t want to do scarves again because I’d rather do hats and so we all decided we were going to do hats.”
Posted on 2015 Nov 24
The D Shoppe celebrates one last holiday; Owners retire to spend more time with family
Mary and Gene DeLauter have owned and operated The D Shoppe, a local gift store, for 31 years. The couple decided to sell the business and building earlier this year so they can retire and spend more time with family. Photo by Emma Rausch
By Emma Rausch
The D Shoppe, located at the corner of Wabash and Market Streets, is closing its doors after 31 years of business this New Year’s Eve, but not before spending one more holiday season in Wabash.
“We’ve been going on (31) years and that’s a long time and I feel good about that,” said Mary DeLauter, owner. “These wonderful friendships that we made are just worth everything to us.
Established on Oct. 4, 1984 by DeLauter and her husband, Gene, the original “dream was to have a children’s shop,” DeLauter said.
“I always worked in clothing stores from the time I got out of high school,” she continued. “So I always thought at one time I’d have a children’s shop.”
Posted on 2015 Nov 24
Reception honors WMI officials
Wabash Marketplace Inc. Executive Director Steve Downs introduces Project Manager Shelby McLaughlin to Mr. and Mrs. Jim Ridenour during a reception Tuesday evening at the Honeywell Center. Photo by Joseph Slacian
By Joseph Slacian
Wabash Marketplace Inc.’s new administrative team was guests of honor Tuesday evening, Nov. 17, during a reception at the Honeywell Center’s Honeywell Room.
An estimated crowd of 100 people came and went at the reception honoring WMI’s Executive Director Steve Downs and Project Manager Shelby McLaughlin.
Downs spoke with The Paper of Wabash County to discuss his immediate and long-term goals for the organization.
His first immediate goal, he said, is to provide support and guidance to McLaughlin.
“Shelby has hit the ground running, and I want her to feel that she has plenty of back-up as she gets to know the members of our community and settles into her new job,” Downs said.
Posted on 2015 Nov 24
Duke gets land in Northeast Business Park
By Joseph Slacian
Duke Energy will receive a five-acre tract of land in the northwest portion of the city’s Northeast Business Complex. In exchange, the power company agreed to create a substation at the site by Dec. 31, 2022. In addition, Duke will pay $1 for the land.
The city’s Board of Public Works and Safety approved the transaction Wednesday, Nov. 18.
The action, according to City Attorney Doug Lehman, stems from the utility company’s move to install a five-mile long transmission line that was initially to stretch from the Wabash Chippewa Substation to a new junction on County Road 100 East. 
Posted on 2015 Nov 24
Homeowner praised for efforts; Second homeowner ordered to provide timeline for work
By Joseph Slacian
The Wabash Board of Public Works and Safety praised one Wabash homeowner, while another was ordered to appear Dec. 2 with detailed plans on what he plans on doing to save his home.
Justin Brooks, who owns 453 E. Main St., received praise for his efforts to improve the looks of the home, which was subject to an unsafe building hearing earlier this year.
Brooks, who purchased the site at auction, has done extensive work at the home, and was in the final stages of residing the home, City Building Commissioner John Stephens told the board.
Posted on 2015 Nov 24
Middle East policy expert shares “alternatives to war” with MU community
By Shaun Tilghman
NORTH MANCHESTER -- Phyllis Bennis, director of the New Internationalism Project at the Institute for Policy Studies, to Manchester University students and staff last week that Indiana is in “a moment of crisis.”
Bennis made the remarks while on campus to discuss ISIS and alternatives to war, 
“Indiana has been much in the news the last day or two,” Bennis said. “It is a strange thing when things happen in the midst of your planning – you were planning to be in Indiana on a week that didn’t have other things that needed to be done, until suddenly it’s a moment of crisis.”
Posted on 2015 Nov 24
Police investigate possible meth lab

By Joseph Slacian

An investigation is ongoing into a possible methamphetamine lab in a Wabash apartment, according to the Wabash Police Department’s Facebook page.

Posted on 2015 Nov 19

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