Local reservoirs ready for upcoming holidays
By Emma Rausch
The Salamonie Reservoir and Mississinewa Reservoir campsites are booked for Memorial Day weekend. However, the local parks still welcome visitors for a day of hiking, fishing, and other activities, according to Larry Brown, Mississinewa Reservoir property manager.
Salamonie Reservoir began accepting reservations on April 29 and is, so far, doing well, said Kari Proffitt, park office manager. For Mississinewa, however, reservations have been up about 10 percent, Brown said.
“We have seen that since we’ve gotten the water back from the dam construction in 2005 and we’ve seen that trend, on average, about 10 percent every year,” he continued.
Posted on 2015 May 19
Local county schools continue summer food programs
By Emma Rausch
Wabash City Schools (WCS) and Manchester Community Schools (MCS) announced plans to again participate in the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP).
Through the program, free breakfast and lunch meals will be available to all children ages 1-18 Monday through Friday, with the exception of Friday, July 3. Any persons over 18-years-old who are enrolled in a state-approved educational program for the mentally or physically disabled are also eligible for a free meal.
“It’s an opportunity for us to reach out to our community and allow kids to receive healthy meals while school is out,” said Melanie Honeycutt, WCS food service director.
“The program fulfills a two-fold purpose,” said Becky Landes, food service director of MCS. “It provides food during the summer for kids who might not be able to get breakfast and lunch at home during the summer because of a parent’s busy schedule. I also think it’s a great thing because it allows for affordable childcare.”
Posted on 2015 May 19
Downtown buildings to get new looks
An artist's conception of what the refurbished Bradley Building would look like. Photo provided
By Joseph Slacian
Two historic downtown buildings will be getting facelifts in the coming months, the Wabash Board of Public Works and Safety learned on Wednesday, May 6.
The Bradley Building, located on the southeast corner of South Wabash and West Canal streets, and the Bedford Building, located on South Wabash Street, directly across from Wabash City Hall, are awaiting bids for a variety of work to them.
Wabash businessman Jack Frances owned the buildings; however, Julie Locke, a California resident, recently purchased them.
Posted on 2015 May 19
Campaign begins to help with woman’s medical bills
Wabash resident Kristy Fletcher (left) is helping her sister, Julie Denton, spread the word about mystery illnesses. Denton, of Greenbriar, Ark., has been suffering for at least 15 years with a disease that doctors just determined to be tricothecene mycotoxins. She is now undergoing treatment in Dallas, Texas. Photo provided
By Joseph Slacian
Friends of an Arkansas woman with ties to Wabash County have launched a Go Fund Me page to help her raise money to pay for treatments for her fight against an extremely rare disease.
The woman, Julie Denton of Greenbriar, Ark., is now undergoing treatment in Dallas, Texas, to combat her ailment, which was recently diagnosed as toxic neuropathy due to tricothecene mycotoxins.
Although she has been battling the disease for upwards of 15 years, it wasn’t until April 24 that doctors determined the cause for her problems.
 “She has had this illness as long as I can remember, yet gets up every day caring for her three kids and husband even though she is hurting physically,” her sister, Wabash resident Kristy Fletcher said. “I’ve seen her aching so badly she can’t get out of bed and has no strength.”
Posted on 2015 May 19
Honeywell Pool renovations remain on schedule
By Emma Rausch
The Honeywell Pool will not be open for Memorial Day, according to Todd Titus, Wabash park superintendent.
At the Wabash City Council meeting on May 11, Titus told the council that he has received many questions about the pool’s renovation status, including when or if the pool will be open this year.
“Yes, we are going to open, but we will not be open Memorial Day. We never thought we would be,” Titus said. “The contract’s substantial completion date is June 8 and, at our meeting last week with the contractor, they indicated that they are on schedule, weather permitting, to make that date."
Posted on 2015 May 19
County delays action on heritage barn fees
By Joseph Slacian
Wabash County Commissioners have delayed a decision on if the county should charge a public safety fee on heritage barns.
In March 2014, Gov. Mike Pence signed legislation removing heritage barns from the property tax rolls.
A heritage barn, according to the legislation, must have been built before 1950 and retain sufficient integrity of design, materials and construction to clearly identify the building as a barn.
Posted on 2015 May 19
Local Superior Court Judge applies for seat on Court of Appeals
By Emma Rausch
The Indiana Judicial Nominating Committee announced Wabash Superior Court Judge Christopher M. Goff is one of eight applicants hoping to fill a future vacancy on the Indiana Court of Appeals.
The opportunity to serve on the Appellate Court arose after Appellate Judge Ezra Friedlander announced his plans to retire on Aug. 31. Goff, who has served as a full-time trial court judge for the past 10 years, said this opening vacancy is an opportunity to continue his judicial service at a higher level.
“I’m interested in serving on the Court of Appeals of Indiana because I think it would provide an opportunity that would allow me to serve a greater number of people,” he said in an interview with The Paper of Wabash County.
“I haven’t really been as interested in applying to the Supreme Court as much as I have for that intermediate job on the Court of Appeals just because I feel that that’s more of my personality. I really just prefer to serve and do the work, so the opportunity to write and collaborate with the other judges is highly appealing to me.”
Posted on 2015 May 19
Walkers raise funds for March of Dimes
Tiffaney Drummond talks about her daughter Carter’s experience after being born prematurely in 2014. Carter was the ambassador for the 2015 Walk for Babies sponsored by the March of Dimes. Photo by Joseph Slacian
By Joseph Slacian
Walkers took to the streets of Wabash on Saturday, May 2, for the annual March for Babies fundraising campaign for the March of Dimes.
While numbers were down this year because of a variety of other activities scheduled around the area, officials are thankful for participants and sponsors.
“I was hoping for a better turnout,” Walk coordinator Pat Vanlandingham said. “We had some teams that didn’t show up. And I know there are some other good causes that are going on today, and the first soccer games are going on, too, so we’re competing with a lot of other events.”
Posted on 2015 May 19

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