Region launches Road to One Million
A celebratory cake is lit during the Road to One Million kick-off on Thursday, Jan. 21, at the Grand Wayne Convention Center. Photo by Emma Rausch
By Emma Rausch
FORT WAYNE – Wabash County community leaders joined officials from 10 other Northeast Indiana counties at the Road to One Million kick-off celebration at the Grand Wayne Convention Center on Thursday, Jan. 21.
The event commemorated Gov. Mike Pence named Northeast Indiana as one of three recipients of the Regional Cities Initiative program in December.
The three regions, which also include Southwest and North Central Indiana, received $126 million or $42 million each to support regional development plans.

Northeast Indiana was told that it would never win, according to John Sampson, president and CEO of the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership

“In all honesty, it’s very humbling,” Sampson told The Paper of Wabash County. “A lot of people told us we would never win. To see what it took for the region to come together and produce this, I was blessed to be in a position of leadership.


Posted on 2016 Jan 26
Hobbs, Tandy join City Schools board
By Joseph Slacian
Liz Hobbs and Jordan Tandy are the two newest members to the Wabash City School Board.
The two were recommended by Superintendent Jason Callahan and approved by the remaining three board members during a meeting on Thursday, Jan. 21.
The pair will replace Matt Bruss and Bill Konhya, respectively, after the board approved both of their resignations moments before. Bruss and Konhya were forced to resign after it was learned their appointments by the Wabash City Council were prohibited under the Dual Office Holders Guide as prepared by the Indiana Attorney General. 
Posted on 2016 Jan 26
Two face drug-related charges
By The Paper staff
Two Wabash residents were arrested by Wabash Police late Saturday night, Jan. 23, on drug-related charges.
According to WPD’s Public Information Officer Sgt. Matt Benson, uniform officers went to a home in the 400 block of West Maple Street to serve a Clinton County warrant on Kristina N. Fields, 26, Wabash.
On Jan. 23, at approximately 11:56 p.m. uniform officers from third shift went to a residence in the 400 block of West Maple Street to serve a warrant. Officers located Fields in the residence. 
Posted on 2016 Jan 26
Adult Farm Classes to begin Feb. 1
By The Paper staff
The 38th annual Adult Farm Classes will begin Feb. 1 and continue through March 7, Wabash County Extension Educator Curt Campbell announced.
The classes are open to the public at no cost, except for those who are receiving PARP credit at the Feb. 29 class, Campbell said.
It is not necessary to attend all the classes, he noted, adding that the classes will once again take place at the Heartland REMC Community Room, 350 Wedcor Ave.
Posted on 2016 Jan 26
Dog obedience classes to begin
By The Paper staff
Winter dog obedience classes will be offered beginning in February by Gary Henderson, The Dog Man of Wabash County.
Henderson said the fall classes he offers fill up quickly, so he decided to offer additional classes in the winter. He also said that he has received numbers requests to offer evening classes.
The six-week classes will offered on Mondays or Thursdays, beginning Feb. 1 and Feb. 4. The Monday classes will meet at 5 p.m. and the Thursday classes will meet at 6:30 p.m. Participants will have the choice of which night they would like to meet.
Posted on 2016 Jan 26
Addicts need time and ‘grace’ on road to recovery, former addict says
Laci Gaboney talks about what her glasses looked like when she was a youngster growing up in Central Indiana. Through a series of choices, Gaboney became a heroin addict, but has since kicked the habit and has been clean for 10 years. She is now a stay-at-home mom, but also is a therapist working with families of addicts. Photos by Joseph Slacian
By Joseph Slacian
Laci Giboney doesn’t believe drug addicts are bad people.
“Really, they’re sick people,” said Giboney, a reformed heroin addict who is now a therapist. “Some say addiction isn’t not a choice, that it’s not a moral deficiency, but that it’s a brain disorder.
“Well, it is a brain disorder, but it also is a choice.”
She should know what she’s talking about, for Giboney, by her own account, should be dead today.
Suffering from what she called an “identity issue” in her adolescent and teen years, Giboney let her personal problems lead her into a series of bad decisions that eventually sent her life into “a slow spiral” of drug and alcohol abuse.
Posted on 2016 Jan 26
Grant County forms Heroin Task Force
By Joseph Slacian
MARION – To counter the rising heroin problem in Grant County, Marion General Hospital has launched a Heroin Task Force.
“We’re breaking it out into about five different committees,” Ann Vermillion, MGH Medical Staff Services and Community Outreach director, explained during the Indiana Youth Institute’s Youth Worker Café on Thursday, Jan. 21.  “We’ve got a Data Collection Committee … we’re jus going to be doing nothing but data, that’s your stats, and we’re going to be working with the state, the governor’s office and the attorney general’s office."
Posted on 2016 Jan 26
Local man plows marriage proposal in farmer’s field
Kyle Shoemaker’s proposal is read from above in an airplane. Shoemaker proposed to his then-girlfriend, Hidi Hix, on Christmas Eve by writing the marriage proposal in his employer’s Roger Peeble’s field. Photo provided
By Emma Rausch
An area woman received a special airplane ride over Wabash County on Christmas Eve, but little did she know it would change her life forever.
Wabash resident Kyle Shoemaker surprised his then-girlfriend Hidi Hix, of Marion, with a holiday flight in a Cherokee airplane.
“I told (Hix) I had a Christmas present that I needed to give to her and we needed to leave the house,” Shoemaker told The Paper of Wabash County. “So we drove to the airport and she still didn’t have a clue what was going on.
“I told her, ‘I thought I’d do something different and take you for an airplane ride,’ and she was real happy with that. The whole time she kept saying how neat it was flying.”
Posted on 2016 Jan 26

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