NM man chaged with child molesting

A North Manchester man was arrested Wednesday night on three counts of child molestation.

Posted on 2015 Jan 29
Former exchange student helps his ‘American mother’ celebrate birthday

By Joseph Slacian

Ever since he was a foreign exchange student at Northfield High School in 1969-70, Ernie Cortabarria made sure to contact his host mother, Mary Schenkel, on her birthday.

This year, to celebrate Mrs. Schenkel’s 86th birthday, Cortabarria gave her a very special present. He and his family – wife, Mariatiela, son, Santiago, and daughter, Matilde – spent four days in Wabash as part of a trip to the United States from their native Uruguay.

On Friday morning, Cortabarria and his family toured Northfield High School. They were joined by Ron Schenkel, who was a Northfield student during Cortabarria’s visit 45 years ago, Tim Grossman, who lived down the road to the Schenkels and befriended Cortabarria, and NHS principal Mike Keaffaber, who is Schenkel’s brother-in-law.

Posted on 2015 Jan 27
Harvey Industries hit with $1 million class action lawsuit

by Eric Stearley

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Harvey Industries following the layoff of 143 workers on Dec. 31. The case was filed with the United States District Court’s Northern Indiana district on Jan. 16.

On Jan. 2, Harvey Industries announced the layoff of two-thirds of its employees due to “unforeseeable business circumstances,” namely the loss of two large contracts with General Motors and Modine, two of the company’s largest clients.

The lawsuit cites Harvey Industries’ failure to comply with the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act, which requires companies to give workers 60 days notice of an impending mass layoff or plant closing. The plaintiffs, represented by Philip J. Gibbons Jr. of Gibbons Legal Group, P.C., based in Indianapolis, are seeking damages in the amount of 60 days’ pay and Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) benefits, totaling more than $1 million.

Posted on 2015 Jan 27
Cost of housing inmates increases

By Joseph Slacian

Wabash County Jail was below its capacity of 72 inmates just 13 days in 2014, Sheriff Bob Land reported to the Wabash County Commissioners on Monday morning.

The figures were part of a year-end wrap-up Land presented to both Commissioners and the Wabash County Council on Monday.

Posted on 2015 Jan 27
Resident complains about snow removal

By Joseph Slacian

A Liberty Township resident complained to Wabash County Commissioners on Jan. 20 about what he perceives to be a problem with snow removal by the Wabash County Highway Department.

The resident, Dwight Walls, told commissioners that the problem began last January, and continued again this winter.

Posted on 2015 Jan 27
Patrick Sullivan announces resignation during Celebration of Progress

By Emma Rausch

On Jan. 22, Patrick Sullivan announced his resignation during the Celebration of Progress hosted by Wabash Marketplace, Inc. Jason Callahan, committee president and Wabash City Schools superintendent, presented Sullivan with a plaque that commemorated his efforts as executive director.

Prior to his resignation, Sullivan announced the executive report, stating that, during the 2014 term, the committee was successful in working on some of the large-scale Stellar Communities projects, including Veteran’s Plaza and installation of Gateway Billboards. The committee also secured a $96,000 grant from Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs, which will assist in the development of future projects.

During his recognition speech to Sullivan, Callahan said that he had overheard a conversation someone saying, “Patrick didn’t know anything about historic preservation or Wabash Marketplace, and yet he made it look easy.”

Posted on 2015 Jan 27
Prom Style Show wows crowd with latest gown trends and after-prom attire

By Emma Rausch

At the Prom Style Show on Jan. 25, local high school students and their families clapped and cheered as local residents modeled the latest prom and after-prom trends.

Hosted by Ellen’s in partnership with Marelli’s and Bash Boutique, local high school students and alumni modeled a wide range of prom gowns, after-prom apparel, and corsages down a runway at the REMC Touchstone Energy Center. Heartland Career Center cosmetologists styled the models’ hair and makeup for the event, while Leah’s Cakery & Confections provided a variety of sweet refreshments for the show.

Posted on 2015 Jan 27
Dancing Pro Chelsea Hightower teaches Playhouse dancers some moves

CHELSEA HIGHTOWER, famous for time on “So You Think You Can Dance” and her work as a choreographer on the ABC show “Dancing with the Stars,” was in town on Friday, Jan. 16 as part of Friday’s “Dancing Pros Live” show at the Honeywell Center. Before taking the stage, Hightower spent her afternoon teaching a class of local dance students at Playhouse Studio of Dance. Owner Debbie Thomason said the studio just happened to be lucky enough to get the call.

“They wanted to know if we’d be interested in having Chelsea come and do a master class before the show, and I said, “Yes! Absolutely!”

Hightower taught 20 young dancers a routine she choreographed to the tune “Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That,” by Robert Randolph and the Family Band. (photo by Eric Stearley)

Posted on 2015 Jan 27

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