Field day gives glimpse at new agricultural products
Maynard Nicodemus, 3, gets his foot painted at the crafts area with his father, Patrick, during Brodbeck Seeds field day on Wednesday, Aug. 19. Maynard and Mr. Nicodemus attended the field day to learn about the different products offered by the local company. Photo by Emma Rausch
By Emma Rausch
Inclement weather has made this year a tough one for farmers, but, hopefully, farmers could gain a better piece of mind after attending Brodbeck Seeds’ annual field day on Wednesday, Aug. 19, according to Doug Rice, general manager.
More than 100 local and out-of-state farmers alike gathered at Brodbeck Seeds’ facility located on State Road 13 to attend the event which featured the latest in seed products and crop-growing assistive technology, such as drones.
Posted on 2015 Aug 25
Look toward next year, local farmers told
AgVenture’s Jeff Shaner discusses new herbicide techniques that may become common practice next year during the AgVenture McKillip Seeds field day on Friday, Aug. 21. Photo by Joseph Slacian
By Joseph Slacian
No two years are ever alike, so farmers should look toward next year’s planting season.
That was the message stressed several times Friday during the annual AgVenture McKillip Seeds field day.
McKillip President Mike McKillip stressed that fact during welcoming comments to the several hundred visitors.
It was reiterated later during a breakout session by Jeff Shaner, AgVenture’s seed technology manager soybean/alfalfa lead.
Posted on 2015 Aug 25
Martin Yale marks 75 years in business
By Joseph Slacian
Workers, their family and friends, and civic leaders spent Friday afternoon and evening helping Martin Yale celebrate its 75th anniversary.
The firm was founded in Chicago in 1940 by brothers Martin and Yale Blanc. The firm manufactured dark room equipment for the photo industry. Today the company makes a variety office equipment.
On Friday, the company hosted an open house featuring food, games, factory tours and more.
“I think it’s incredible,” company president Greg German said of the firm’s milestone anniversary.
Posted on 2015 Aug 25
‘Unification’ talks continue at Wabash school board
By Emma Rausch
Talk of unification, or consolidation, of the schools continued on Monday Aug. 17 at the Wabash City School Board meeting.
Board member Bill Konyha broached the topic again during the member’s comments section of the meeting stating that while the schools are “doing alright, we can’t do enough alone.”
“Two communities with two schools, at the very least MSD and Wabash City Schools have to contemplate unification, come together and discuss potential unification and what that means,” he continued.
Posted on 2015 Aug 25
City nixes plans for private mosquito spraying
By Joseph Slacian
The City of Wabash’s plan to offer mosquito spraying for special events are no more.
At the Aug. 5 Board of Public Works and Safety meeting, the city broached an idea taking special requests to spray for mosquitos prior to functions from non-profit organizations. The board tabled the measure because board members Greg Metz and Dee Byerly wanted some of the provisions in the measure changed.
Posted on 2015 Aug 25
Three face drug charges

By The Paper staff

Three Wabash residents were arrested Sunday, Aug. 16, following an investigation by the Wabash City Police Department.

On Sunday, at approximately 4 p.m., WPD second shift officers began an investigation into the possible possession and dealing of drugs.

Patrolman Kevin Evenson and Probationary Patrolman Jason Mooney allege their investigation led them to 41 S. Spring St. in Wabash, according to the official report.

Posted on 2015 Aug 18
Officials investigate E. coli outbreak
By Emma Rausch
Six cases of E. coli are currently under investigation in Wabash, Marshall and Fulton counties, according to Pam Pontones, Indiana State epidemiologist.
In collaboration with the health departments from the three counties, Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) officials are investigating possible cases of E. coli 0157:H7 in northern Indiana, according to Department of Health press release.
On Friday Aug. 14, the ISDH briefed the media outlets in a conference call on details regarding the investigations with some restrictions on the provided information.
Posted on 2015 Aug 18
Park Board OKs first phase of inclusive park

Click on the image to get a closer look of the all new inclusive park plans. Images provided

By Joseph Slacian
The first phase of the Wabash Inclusive Park has a price tag of more than $990,000, according to plans unveiled to the Wabash Park Board on Wednesday, Aug. 12.
The board unanimously approved the plans, which are part of the Stellar Community Grant program. The approval paves the way for the Stellar’s park subcommittee to begin making plans to raise funds for the project, which will be located on Carroll Street, next to the John Drook Skate Park.
So far, $400,000 has been raised for the project. Of that, $200,000 came from the Office of Community and Rural Affairs, with the remainder coming from city coffers. 
Posted on 2015 Aug 18

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