Wabash County schools announce top students

As the class of 2014 celebrates the end of their high school career, all the graduating seniors should be commended for their efforts to make it to graduation day. Eight county students rose above the rest and were named their school’s valedictorian and salutatorian.  These students are Manchester’s Audriana Fuentes and Adam Hanback; Northfield’s Emily Eckelbarger and Kylie Echard; Southwood’s Amy Bowman and Dayton Haynes; and Wabash’s Thomas Grier and Jordan Rauh.

Audriana Fuentes played tennis, participated in Science Olympiad, Key Club, theatre and choir. She was also elected to the National Honor Society and was vice president of the Key Club. After high school, Fuentes plans to attend Manchester University to major in education and pursue a career as a teacher.

Adam Hanback participated in Science Olympiad, was a member of the Spanish Club and president of the National Honor Society. He participated in the Student Tech Support Squad and a student representative on the iLearn 1:1 Steering Committee. He has also been a teacher’s aide and a theatre lighting technician. After high school, Hanback plans to attend Purdue University to study compunter information and technology. He plans to major in cyber security and pursue a career in that field.

Emily Eckelbarger served as president of the Student Council and Teens for Global Awareness. She was also involved in National Honors Society and Best of the Best art program of Wabash County. She played piano, and participated in Jazz band and theatre. After high school, she plans to attend Indiana University to pursue a career in journalism.

Posted on 2014 May 27
Emmanuel Christian School announces academic awards

As the school year comes to an end, Emmanuel Christian School held an awards ceremony to celebrate the academic achievements of their students.

1st grade

Zaney McKnight received awards in Phonics, Math, Writing, Spelling, Reading, Bible and Spanish.

Dylan Stensland received awards in Phonics, Math, Writing, Spelling, Reading and Bible.

2nd grade

Erin Daniel received awards in Phonics, Math, Writing, Spelling, Reading, Bible and Spanish.

Sabil Davenriner received awards in Phonics, Math, Writing, Spelling, Reading and Bible.

Haley Miller received awards in Phonics, Math, Writing, Spelling, Reading and Bible.

AJ Prickett received awards in Phonics, Math, Writing, Spelling, Reading and Bible.

Danielle Reahard received awards in Phonics, Math, Writing, Spelling, Reading and Bible.

3rd grade

Zoey McKnight received awards in Bible, Language, Penmanship, Reading, History, Science/Health, Spelling and Math.

Japheth Niccum received awards in Bibe, Language, Penmanship, Reading, History, Science/Health, Spelling, Math, Art and Spanish.

Paige Ritzema received awards in Bible, Language, Penmanship, Reading, History, Science/Health, Spelling and Math.

Isaac Smelser received awards in Bible, Reading, History, and Science/Health.

Posted on 2014 May 27
Manchester Jr./Sr. High School announces academic awards

The 2013-14 school year is coming to an end and Manchester Jr./Sr. High School recently held an awards ceremony to celebrate the academic achievements of theirs students.


Outstanding freshmen: EB Michel, James Winger, Madison Hire, Audrey Wilcox

Outstanding sophomore:  Jackie McConnell

Outstanding Junior: Cole Mize

Purdue Junior Scholar:  Cole Mize

Outstanding seniors:  Paige Blocher, Aaron Isbell, and Cody Michel

Ag Ambassadors:  Mariah Mobley, Aaron Isbell, Cody Michel, Paige Blocher, Adam Hanback, Katie Peden, Abby Lybarger, Ashton Bolinger, Kelsey Lotz

Indiana FFA License Plate Scholarship:  Mariah Mobley

National FFA Scholarship:  Ashton Bolinger, Adam Hanback

Josie Heckaman Memorial Scholarship:  Mariah Mobley

Outstanding Excellence in Art

Kelsey Lotz, Ali Lengel, Justin Heeter, Dallas Fields, Kayla Bailey, Krissy Mize, Kacy Sites, Hannah Littlefield, Evan Wilcox, Mariah Mobley, Amanda Underwood

Best of the Best:  Celina Carter, Marret Metzger, Mariah Mobley, and Evan Wilcox


Alexandria Webb, Molly Woods


Outstanding Accounting I Award:  Brady Pyrah

Outstanding Digital Citizenship Award:  Karly Eichenauer, Drew Jones

Outstanding Introduction to Business Award:  Micheala Pattison

Posted on 2014 May 27
Northfield announces junior high academic awards

With Northfield’s school year coming to an end, the school held an awards ceremony to honor the students’ academic achievements throughout this school year.

Art Department

The Banner award for 7th grade goes to Brittany Bussard and Trinity Johnson. The Banner award for 8th grade goes to Attie Schuler, Ellie Schuler and Madison Nevil. Wabash County Art Show for 7th grade was Alyssa Balay, Emily Clendenon, Daniel Driscoll, Trinity Johnson, Ally Keaffaber, Mallory Grizzle, Cara Kowalczuk, Liz Moore (3), Macie Sears, Ciara Peterson, Karlie Poland, Brayden Rudy, and Jacob Truman. The Wabash County Art Show for 8th grade was Braelyn Deeter, Joe Halderman, Mariah Kirtlan, Brionna Lee, Lily Myers, Madison Nevil, Attie Schuler, Indi Shear, Ava Smith, and Jared Vigar.

Physical Education Department

The National Presidential Physical Fitness Award for 7th grade was Melanie Beery, Bailey Burcroff, Daniel Driscoll, Libby Haupert, Caleigh Holmes, Alexis Hyden, Liz Moore, Jared Peas, Logan Peas, Sidney Prater, and Kelcie Thompson. The National President Physical Fitnees award for 8th grade was Kailen Carpenter, Matt Coe, Braelyn Deeter, Blake Harner, Noah Hicks, AJ Hunt, Michelle Hunt, Sarah Johnston, Kade Kennedy, Macauley Miller, Mariah Kirtlan, Natasha Leland, Emily Miner, Madison Nevil, Katy Pefley, Ellie Schuler, Indi Shear, Madison Snyder, and Jared Vigar. The Presidental Physical Fitness Award for 7th grade was Brittany Bussard, Ariel Dale, Ally Keaffaber, Karlie Poland, Erin Proebstle, Abbey Ross, and Hope Unger. The Presidental Physical Fitness award for 8th grade was Attie Schuler and Shelby Ward. Outstanding 7th grade students were Ally Keaffaber and Logan Peas. Outstanding 8th grade students were Indi Shear and Jared Vigar.

Posted on 2014 May 27
Piano Guild auditions to be held June 4-5

Auditions sponsored by the National Guild of Piano Teachers will be held at the Honeywell House in Wabash on June 4 and 5.

This year’s judge will be Dr. Vicki King, Bloomington, Indiana. Dr. King has degrees in piano from Mississippi University for Women and Indiana University.  Her Doctor of Arts degree in Piano Pedagogy is from the University of Mississippi.  She holds a Performer’s Certificate in Piano from the Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria, and studied piano in Cologne, Germany with Pael Gililov.  In addition, she studied harpsichord in Hamburg, Germany for two years with Gisela Gunz. 

Posted on 2014 May 27
Southwood High School announces academic awards

With the school year coming to an end, students are recognized for their achievements in the classroom. Southwood High School held their academic awards ceremony on May 13 to celebrate the students’ achievements.


Danielle Wagoner was the Outstanding Intro to Ag student, with Amanda Schul as the Outstanding Animal Science Student. Sheere Enser was the Overall Outstanding Agriculture student.


The Outstanding Advanced Art student was Alexandra Nose, with Kenzie Rhamy as Overall Outstanding Art student.


Chandler Murphy was the Outstanding Business student.


The Outstanding 9th grade English student was Makenna Dawes, with Danielle Sparling as the Outstanding 10th grade English student. The Outstanding 11th grade student was Alec Guenin, and Amy Bowman was the Outstanding 12th grade student. Amy Bowman was also the Overall Outstanding English student.

Family and Consumer Science (FACS)

The Outstanding Interpersonal Relations student was Mary Guisewhite, who was also the Outstanding Beginning Nutrition/Wellness student. Meghan Brane was the Outstanding Advanced Nutrition/Wellness student. Haley Baker was the Outstanding Beginning Child Development student, with Caitlynn Charles as the Outstanding Advanced Child Development student. Mary Guisewhite was also the Overall Outstanding FACS student.

Posted on 2014 May 27
Stirring it up with Angie Baer

 Our daughter was married last Saturday in an old historic round barn in Wabash County. Most of our guests were from out of town and had never been to Wabash before. The one thing Dave and I heard over and over throughout the evening was what an awesome place Wabash is. I couldn't agree with them more. I must say that I was bursting with pride to call Wabash home. We are so very blessed to live in such a wonderful community.

      When my Daughter became engaged last summer, I had the crazy notion that I would love to do all of the catering myself. As wedding plans progressed, I realized that I needed to hire a professional caterer. (Such a wise decision. I chuckle to think that I could actually pull that off. )  Although I didn't prepare the entree, I did, however, bake twenty loaves of lemon poppy seed bread for an appetizer. The trick to making this bread is to spoon the lemon icing over the bread while it is still warm from the oven allowing all of that sweet goodness to soak into the bread.

Posted on 2014 May 27
USDA announces support for Renewable Biomass Energy

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) today announced support for agriculture producers and energy facilities working to turn renewable biomass materials into clean energy. The support comes through the Biomass Crop Assistance Program (BCAP), which was reauthorized by the 2014 Farm Bill and will resume this summer.

The Farm Bill authorizes $25 million annually for BCAP, requiring between 10 and 50 percent of the total funding to be used for harvest and transportation of biomass residues. Traditional food and feed crops are ineligible for assistance. The 2014 Farm Bill also enacted several modifications for BCAP, including higher incentives for socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers, and narrower biomass qualifications for matching payments, among other changes.

“This initiative helps farmers and ranchers manage the financial risk of growing and harvesting energy biomass at commercial scale,” said Farm Service Agency Administrator, Juan M. Garcia. “Investing in agricultural and forestry producers who cultivate energy biomass and supporting next-generation biofuels facilities make America more energy independent, help combat climate change and create jobs in rural America.”

Posted on 2014 May 27

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