Kugler, Callahan receive Sagamore of the Wabash awards for Wabash County Promise efforts

by Eric Stearley

Thursday morning, Wabash County YMCA CEO Clint Kugler and Wabash City Schools Superintendent Jason Callahan met with Lieutenant Governor Sue Ellspermann, Treasurer Richard Mourdock, the Indiana Education Savings Authority Board, and representatives from the Commission on Higher Education to share the success of the Wabash County Promise. During the meeting, Kugler and Callahan were honored with the “Sagamore of the Wabash” award on behalf of Governor Mike Pence.

“It was totally unexpected,” said Kugler. “I’m so honored to have the leadership of our state recognize the potential and power of what Wabash County has been able to do in such a short period of time.”

“I definitely wasn’t expecting such an award or recognition for something that, at the end of the day, just seemed like we were doing our jobs,” agreed Callahan. “I think he and I both felt very humbled. I think we’re both motivated in the same way. We see this more as an opportunity to further the cause, instead of seeing it as the end of this initiative.”

The “Sagamore of the Wabash,” created by Governor Ralph Gates in the 1940s, is an award given to Hoosiers who have “rendered a distinguished service to the state or to the governor,” according the state of Indiana’s website. Only the governor has the authority to give the award. It is the governor’s second- honor, only surpassed by the Sachem Award, given to one citizen each year.  In the past, it has been given to presidents, astronauts, volunteers, veterans, educators, entertainers and entrepreneurs.

Posted on 2013 Nov 19
eLearning kicks off at Metro schools

by Eric Stearley

The Metropolitan School District of Wabash County kicked off its three-part eLearning program Wednesday, Nov. 6.  Students got their first taste of at-home, technology-based learning, while district faculty and staff had a full day of professional development.

In August 2012, MSD schools began a one-to-one technology initiative, through which each student was given their own high-tech learning device to put the district on a fast track into the digital age. Kindergarten through second grade students each received an iPad, while 3rd through 12th grade students each got their own Macbook Air. This technology has allowed students unparalleled learning opportunities that were never before possible.

During eLearning Day #1, students at the elementary level created technology based projects designed to enhance their overall learning. Second grade students used their iPads to create a multimedia slide show presentation about non-fiction text features, such as the index of a reference book. The presentation had to include five slides, a picture, a picture caption, and voice-over, where students recorded themselves explaining the selected feature. Third grade students used the Garage Band program on their MacBooks to record a "fractured fairy tale," in which the students rewrote a fairy tale to make it their own.

Posted on 2013 Nov 12
Jan Mattern earns Healthcare Hero Award

The Healthcare Hero Award is presented annually to honor exceptional Wabash County healthcare workers and volunteers. The award provides the opportunity to celebrate the inspiration these "heroes" generate through their dedication and commitment in care giving.

This year, Jan Mattern was honored as the 2013 Healthcare Hero. Mattern is the Safety Administrator and Company Nurse at Ford Meter Box in Wabash and a dedicated volunteer in the community.

Mattern's nominators are the Wabash County Health Department nurses Lori Foust and Taisha Moore. Their letter of nomination clearly expresses a sincere respect and admiration for Mattern. They write that Mattern "serves as a living example of dedication and commitment to true patient advocacy, delivering personalized care to all patients…She serves as an important reminder that patient care is about people first. Mattern is a leader among leaders, with grace and generosity. She is highly skilled, compassionate, and consistently displays the highest ethical standards. Mattern is able to establish a level of trust and cooperation that facilitates mutually agreed upon and improved outcomes."

Posted on 2013 Nov 12
Wabash County Special Olympic Bowling team competes in regionals, prepares for state

The Wabash County Special Olympic Bowling Team competed in the Area Five Regional Tournament in Logansport on Nov. 2 and 3.

The following athletes competed: Blade Christle, John Cox, Allen Davis, Steven Downey, Reggie Flitcraft, Miranda Hahn, Wilma Hinkle, Richard Hundt, Amber Hunt, Marion “Buddy” Ireland III, Charles Kreider, Kim Krom, Lee Lambert, Kenith Larrowe, Sean Larrowe, Jodi Lowdenslager, Kristin Leming, Darlene McCarty, Kathy McCarty, Gwen Mankey, Grace Parker, Blake Parrett, Michelle Pell, Tracy Riddell, Karen Ridenour, Linda Sands, Chester Shenfeld, Carla Stellar, Debora Stoffer, Steven Straitiff, Gabe Teems, Heather Thrope and Alley Traver.

Posted on 2013 Nov 12
Honeywell Center announces sale dates

The Honeywell Center is announcing the on sale date for several new shows. Tickets for country music superstar Vince Gill, the lively "Branson on the Road" event, entertainer extraordinaire Ronnie Milsap and legendary coach Bob Knight go on sale at 8 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 14.

WWKI welcomes An Evening with Vince Gill to the Honeywell Center at 7:30 p.m. Friday, May 9. The concert is sponsored by Beacon Credit Union. Gill, who recently performed at the Honeywell Center as part of the Time Jumpers, is no stranger to Wabash. "It's a great little place," Gill said when asked about his return to the Honeywell Center. "People have come out to see me no matter what I'm doing." What the Grammy Award winner and Country Music Association Entertainer of the Year will be doing on May 9 is performing many of his hits with a full band during the show. In addition to his top singles, including "Go Rest High On That Mountain," "Look At Us," "I Still Believe In You" and "Pretty Little Adriana," Gill will perform music from his latest CD, "Bakersfield," with Paul Franklin.

Posted on 2013 Nov 12
Wabash County students learn life lessons at Finance Park

As soon as students walk in the door, they are handed a packet simulating their adult lives. Annually, groups of junior high students from Northfield, Southwood, Wabash Middle School and Manchester Jr. High spend approximately four hours at Junior Achievement's Finance Park learning about lifelong financial issues.  Area students will visit the Finance Park facility next semester after completing a four to six week in classroom curriculum. Each student is given their age, marital status, number of children, education, gross income and Social Security and taxes owed. From that information, they have to budget their lives from home improvement decisions to credit cards. 

Posted on 2013 Nov 12
Southwood student chosen to run track in Australia

by Kalie Ammons

This year, 16-year-old Southwood junior Emily Lehner spent her time competing in track and field, running cross-country, helping with activities in the Optimist Club and working with her youth group. Next year, however, Lehner will be running in the land down under with other students chosen for their athletic talents and community service.

Down Under Sports was founded in February of 1989. It was based on the dream of New Zealander George O’Scanlon. O’Scanlon fell in love with athletics native to his country, but also loved American football, known to Australians as gridiron. Initially, O’Scanlon wanted to promote football in New Zealand and Australia and started the Down Under Bowl. This eventually led to Down Under Hoops Classic and Down Under International Games

According to a press release from the organization, “the Down Under Sports programs use the common language of sports to bridge the continents and provide a forum for athletes from around the globe to compete head to head in the sport they love.”

As many high school juniors and seniors do, Lehner received a letter from Down Under Sports in the mail.

“We almost ignored it because of how much stuff they get in the mail. But this was sent through the school, which was different,” said Annie Lehner, Emily’s mother. “We looked into it and found out it was legit.”

In the letter, Down Under Sports explained that Lehner was chosen for her outstanding athletic ability and her commitment to community service. Lehner currently holds the record for the 800-meter relay run at Southwood High School, where she runs under Coach Troy Andrews. This is the event she will be competing in while in Australia.

Posted on 2013 Nov 12
A seasoned hunter shares experience with first-timer

The Paper’s Ashley Flynn goes bow hunting with uncle Tim Yohe

by Ashley Flynn

In the back corner of a bean field, camouflaged behind sticks and leaves, we sat in a ground blind anxiously waiting for a deer to tempt its fate.

My Uncle Tim Yohe had been out earlier in the week to set up the ground blind. He placed it approximately 50 feet from some deer scrapes – a place where a buck routinely marks in the mud with a hoof and pees to let other deer know he’s around.

“It takes some time for deer to get used to ground blinds,” Uncle Tim explained to me. He usually hunts from a deer stand up in a tree, but since I would be tagging along, he decided a ground blind would be safest.

We arrived at the location, a private property field near Salamonie Reservoir, around 4:30 p.m., and approximately 30 minutes later, the first deer appeared. A doe and her fawn stepped out into the recently harvested bean field to eat, and we just watched.

Posted on 2013 Nov 05

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