Another firefighter receives back pay, damages
By Joseph Slacian
The City of Wabash has reached an agreement with a second firefighter paramedic who worked for 30 days last year without pay.
Firefighter paramedic Scott Reese agreed to the 30 days without pay in June 2015. The punishment stemmed from a December 2014 arrest in Fulton County for operating a personal vehicle while intoxicated.
The Board of Public Works and Safety agreed to give Reese $10,878,30 in back pay and damages in the settlement with the city. 
Posted on 2016 Feb 09
McCallen resigns as Democratic Party chair
By Joseph Slacian
Bryan McCallen, the long-time chair of the Wabash County Democratic Party, has resigned.
“I just felt it was time for a fresh face and new start,” McCallen, who has had the position for more than 30 years, told The Paper. “All my mentors who I relied on these 30-plus years are now gone. My father, Shirley Hipsher, Ira McClurg, Dallas Winchester, John and Ombra Keffaber and Don Branson.”
A caucus has been scheduled for Feb. 18 to choose a replacement.
Posted on 2016 Feb 09
Heartland culinary students get hands-on demonstration
Heartland Career Center student Lili Kuczewski (left) watches as classmate Ashley Enyert makes a cut on a chicken. Photo by Joseph Slacian
By Joseph Slacian
Karen Lackey hoped to teach students in Chef Brad Luzadder’s culinary arts class at the Heartland Career Center the fine art of cutting apart a whole chicken.
She did that and more last week.
Lackey, a long time home economist with the Indiana Farm Bureau, taught students in Luzadder’s morning and afternoon classes several things to consider when grocery shopping as well as about chicken and poultry in general.
“People don’t really know what parts a chicken has anymore,” she told nine students in the morning class. “Some may think the only part of a chicken has is the breast because they like white meat. They really don’t stop to think there are legs and wings and thighs and backs and giblets, all the things that go along with (chickens).”
Posted on 2016 Feb 09
Pat McGann kicks off Historic Eagles comedy series
Pat McGann
By Emma Rausch
The Thursday Night Comedy Series kicks off on Feb. 18 with Chicago comedian Pat McGann at the Historic Eagles Theatre.
McGann began his comedic career in 2007 when he transitioned from packaging salesman to stand up comedian.
“I wanted to make less money and travel more and have to work harder,” he kidded in a phone interview with The Paper of Wabash County. “No, I just always loved about being involved in comedy as a writer, probably is what I thought at first.
“Then I realized in Chicago there’s not a lot of big opportunities to write so I just started writing stuff, going to open mics and loved performing.”
Posted on 2016 Feb 09
Local court awaits OK to buy new computer system; Indiana Supreme Court fails to approve first request
By Joseph Slacian
Wabash City Court Judge Tim Roberts has mailed a second request to the Indiana Supreme Court seeking permission to buy a CSI (Computer Systems, Inc.) Judicial Tracking System.
A request from Roberts sent to the state’s high court late last year was returned recently without permission to purchase the system.
Rather, Roberts said as he updated the Wabash City Council on Monday, Jan. 25, that the court’s response was rather confusing.
Posted on 2016 Feb 02
County schools’ accountability grades released, no changes
By Emma Rausch
The Indiana Department of Education released the 2015 school accountability grades on Tuesday, Jan. 26. However, the records show no local school corporation has improved since 2014, but scores haven’t dropped either.
The grades are based off of the Indiana’s standardized assessment, the ISTEP exam. In 2015, late changes made to the exam as well as problems with distributing the exam led to big drops in student scores and caused discord among state and local educators.
On Thursday, Jan. 21, Gov. Mike Pence signed Senate Bill 200 into effect. The bill “provides that a school’s or school corporation’s category or designation of performance for the 2014-2015 school year may not be lower than the grade assigned … by the state board of education for the 2013-2014 school year” and that it may only improve, according to the bill.
Posted on 2016 Feb 02
Pyle resigns from Health Department Board
By Emma Rausch
Dr. Jeffrey Pyle resigned from the Wabash County Health Department Board on Tuesday, Jan. 26.
After serving on the Board for 17 years, Pyle wrote that “I can no longer associate myself with the Wabash County government” in his resignation letter to the Wabash County Commissioners.
Commissioner chairman Barry Eppley told The Paper of Wabash County that Pyle’s resignation was not a surprise.
“I thank Dr. Pyle for his years of service to the Health Board and wish him well in future endeavors,” Eppley said.
Posted on 2016 Feb 02
Bill would impact local family farm
By Shaun Tilghman
A measure prohibiting farms from selling food directly to restaurants was expected to be considered on Monday in the Indiana House of Representatives.
The measure would impact the work of the J.J. Hawkins Family Farm in North Manchester, according to Jeff and Zach Hawkins.
The two were in Indianapolis the last several weeks, testifying before the House Committee on agriculture and Rural Development. The committee passed House Bill 1267 last week and it was scheduled for a second reading before the full House on Monday.
In addition, they spoke before the Wabash County Council on Jan. 25, prior to the Council taking a stand on behalf of the local business.  Wabash County Commissioners passed a similar measure earlier in the day.
Posted on 2016 Feb 02

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