Brinkman: People are key Wabash asset
Amanda Brinkman interviews Kent Henderson and Kris White during a filming segment on the third floor of Schlemmer Brothers. Photo by Joseph Slacian
By Joseph Slacian
Amanda Brinkman saw a glimpse of what makes Wabash special a few weeks ago.
She learned firsthand last week, spending two days in the city filming interviews with local business owners as part of a web-based series to be released later this year.
“I think it’s the people,” Brinkman, Deluxe Corporations Chief Marketing Officer, said when asked what made Wabash special. “Everyone is just so kind and authentic. I feel like it’s a town out of a movie or something.
“I feel like there’s a real sense of gratitude in this town.”
Posted on 2016 May 31
Troxel expansion to begin
Steel beams are unloaded at the site of the Troxel Equipment expansion on Thursday. Photo by Joseph Slacian
By Sarah Peters 
Troxel Equipment broke the ground on its expansion project at 834 N. State Road 13, on Thursday, May 26. 
Dozens of people, including Chamber of Commerce members, Mayor Scott Long, Keith Gillenwater, EDG of Wabash County President and CEO and Troxel owners and workers, among others, gathered to dig their shovels into the dirt where Troxel’s equipment and new buildings will soon be located.
“I’m hoping that we can get moved in (by the) January to February timeframe, and be ready to go next spring,” said Troxel co-owner Dave Troxel. “That’s our hope.” 
Posted on 2016 May 31
Google Trekker helps document local parks, trails
Wabash Park Superintendent Adam Hall shows off one of the Google Trekker machines. Photo provided
By Sarah Peters 
The City of Wabash received a Google Trekker device on loan through the Indiana Parks and Recreation Association (IPRA).
The equipment, worth an estimated $50,000, photographs specific areas which will eventually be uploaded to Google Maps. Wabash Park Superintendent Adam Hall applied for the opportunity through the IPRA this past February.  
The equipment was on loan to the city for one week.
Posted on 2016 May 31
Former mayoral candidate complains about neighborhood blight
By Joseph Slacian
A former mayoral candidate urged the Wabash City Council to consider hiring an individual to patrol neighborhoods to be on the lookout for various ordinance violations.
Marcia Short, the 2011 Democrat mayoral candidate, appeared before the Council to complain about the condition of a home in her neighborhood.
“It’s a dump,” she said. “It brings my property value down, and I’m not the only one to talk about this. I think it’s great you do stuff for the downtown, but also know that we’re taxpayers, the rest of us. I don’t want to see the neighborhoods going down.”
The homeowner doesn’t live in the structure, but uses it for storage, she said.
“And there’s a lot of houses around Wabash like this,” Short continued. “That’s another thing about the downtown. I’m very much for downtown, but I think you need to listen to the whole town. It shouldn’t just be the shop owners. We all pay our taxes and you need to listen to us, too.”
Posted on 2016 May 31
Probationary firefighter joins WFD
Michael Armstrong takes the oath of office. Photo by Joseph Slacian
By Joseph Slacian
Michael Armstrong is the newest probationary firefighter on the Wabash Fire Department. He replaces Darrin Oliver, who retired May 16.
Armstrong received his oath of office from Mayor Scott Long during the City Council meeting on Monday, May 23.
A Michigantown native, Armstrong has been a member of the Greentown Volunteer Fire Department for 14 years. He’s been an EMT for more than 10 years and a paramedic for four.
Posted on 2016 May 31
White’s Residential Services honors retiring foster parents
Vernon and Rita Mollette (from left) accept a plaque thanking them for 16 years of foster parenting from (far right) Kurt Gard, White’s Residential and Family Services regional manager. The Mollettes retired as foster parents after caring for more than 40 children. Photo by Emma Rausch
By Emma Rausch
Vernon and Rita Mollette are retiring as foster parents after 16 years of service at White’s Family and Residential Services.
“In that 16 years, their family has opened their home to more than 40 children I am told,” Kurt Gard, White’s regional manager, said in a speech recognizing the couple’s accomplishments. “They have cared for these children in a down to Earth, Christ-centered, loving manner.
“Rita is often quoted … saying, ‘If I have them for one day, I will love them for one day. If I have them for longer, I will love them longer.’ I don’t want anyone to get confused. It has not been easy, but what worthwhile (purpose) is?”
White’s officials honored the couple, who have been married for 52 years, on Tuesday, May 17, with a farewell party at the Hodson Campus Center.
Posted on 2016 May 31
Visit Wabash County receives additional funding
By Emma Rausch & Joseph Slacian
Visit Wabash County’s (VWC) marketing budget expansion will be funded in 2017, but not through the Wabash County Council’s Rainy Day Fund.
At its April meeting, the council voted in favor of supporting the CVB submitting a request special appropriation of $75,000 for the marketing budget expansion.
However, recent decisions made by the Wabash County Commissioners and Wabash Mayor Scott Long made the need for the request unnecessary.
Posted on 2016 May 31
Locals speak out about Obama’s bathroom mandate
By Emma Rausch
North Carolina’s bathroom issues have now affected Wabash County school districts and some locals are taking stances on either side of the subject.
On May 13, the Obama administration issued a mandate to public school districts nationwide to allow transgender students to use the restroom that matches their gender identities as a condition of receiving federal funding and, thereby, protecting transgender rights in public schools. 
The mandate was issued following North Carolina’s implementation of House Bill 2 in March. The law requires citizens to use restroom associated with their biological sex, or birth gender.
Since it passed, the state has been under fire from public opinion and the Depart of Justice has filed its own lawsuit against the bill.
Meanwhile, since President Barack Obama’s mandate, 11 states have filed federal lawsuits while, on a local level, one county government candidate has petitioned her school district disobey the mandate.
Lorissa Sweet, Wabash County Council candidate, called upon the MSD of Wabash County School Board on Tuesday, May 24, to ignore Obama’s mandate and “protect our children,” according to her online petition, “Protect our children MSD Wabash.”
Posted on 2016 May 31

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