Riverside Extension Homemakerís Club turns 100 years old

by Kalie Ammons

The LaFontaine Riverside Extension Homemaker’s Club celebrates 100 years of community service and teaching. The Riverside Club was organized in April of 1914 by the first dean of home economics at Purdue University, Mary Mathews and her aunt, Virginia Meredith. Their goal was to take information from the campus and bring it to the rural home.

The Riverside Club originally met on the banks of the Mississinewa River at the home of Mrs. Chester Troyer. There were 10 charter members who lived near the river, and due to its location it was aptly named the Riverside Home Economics Club.

The Club originally had very limited membership, as getting to a meeting meant walking or taking a horse and buggy. Soon the club grew in popularity, and decisions that have lasted to this day were made: the club flower is the pink rose, pink and green are the colors, and the club emblem has been a canoe.

Each meeting begins with the pledge of allegiance and the Homemaker’s Creed, stating the members believe in community service, economic perfection and improving the state of the home. Meetings also teach a lesson, varying from food and gardening, managing the family home and human development.

Posted on 2014 Apr 29
Wabash County Scholarship pageant seeking contestants

Contestants are being sought for the 24th Wabash County Festivals Scholarship Pageant. The pageant will be held on Friday, June 27, in the Ford Theater.

Any Wabash County young woman aged 17 to 21 who plans to further her education is eligible. Any young ladies ages 17-21 are encouraged to enter. All college-aged girls need to be enrolled in college for the 2013-2014 school year. High school-aged girls must be planning to attend college.  The complete list of rules is attached to the application.

Contestants will participate in a get-acquainted fun night, a fund raising project, rehearsal and pageant.  The queen and her court will represent Wabash County at various festivals and events. They will also appear in several parades.

In November, the queen will compete in the Indiana State Festival Scholarship Pageant. This year, the state pageant will be held in Indianapolis. There, the queen will have the opportunity to win additional scholarship money.

Posted on 2014 Apr 29
Rotary serves up pancakes on Election Day

There are lots of great reasons to join Rotary North Manchester for pancakes and sausage on Election Day on May 6.

The club is fully invested in the community, from annual $1,000 scholarships for two Manchester High School seniors, annual support of the North Manchester Public Library, founding investment in the Strauss-Peabody Aquatic Center, and trailblazer funding of a half-mile hike and bike trail in northeast North Manchester, youth baseball, the annual Rotary World Affairs Conference for 100 area high school scholars and much more.

The Pancake Day from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Tuesday, May 6, in the Scout Hall in Warvel Park enables the community’s Rotarians to support lots of projects and good causes locally and internationally. The breakfast is a semi-annual Election Day tradition in North Manchester. Hundreds of area residents gather for the great food and conversation.

Posted on 2014 Apr 29
Stirring it up with Angie Baer

If you are a seafood enthusiast then you will love this restaurant-quality seafood pasta. This creamy pasta is choc-full of tender lobster, shrimp and sometimes I add scallops for extra flavor. I will admit I have tweaked this recipe just a tad bit. The original recipe calls for two whole sticks of butter! I have found that 1/2 of a stick is more than plenty. Whenever I serve this to my guests I always have requests for the recipe. This pasta is wonderfully delicious; a very high calorie content but totally worth it!


Posted on 2014 Apr 29
Honeywell Center celebrates 20th Anniversary of Ford Theater expansion

by Eric Stearley

Exactly 20 years ago to the day, the Honeywell Center opened the doors to its new expansion. Known as “The Miracle on Market Street,” the 75,000-square-foot addition included the area’s premier performance hall, the Ford Theater. The 1,500-seat theatre has serves as a cultural center for the community, bringing hundreds of musical and theatrical performances to Wabash over the past two decades.

“When Mark Honeywell established the Honeywell Foundation in 1941, he did so because of his love of Wabash and his vision of a single place where the community could come together to enjoy cultural events, as well as enjoying one another’s company,” said Tod Minnich, executive director of The Honeywell Foundation. “The construction of the Ford Theatre, Eugenia’s Restaurant, and the Clark Gallery, which opened 20 years ago, increased opportunities for cultural enrichment and exposure as evidenced by the high caliber of entertainers who have made their way to the Ford Theater stage over the past two decades. As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of these integral spaces, I am confident that we are continuing to further Mr. Honeywell’s original vision.”

When the expansion opened in 1994, several musical and theatrical acts took the stage, including Wabash native Crystal Gayle. Reading the performance’s program gives the past two decades some perspective; it asked patrons to silence their pagers.

Minnich was named executive director just before the theater’s 10th anniversary.

“We chose to celebrate the 10th anniversary with 10 shows in 2 weeks, and I think people thought that was a pretty unrealistic feat, and we were able to pull it off at a them when, some years, we’d barely been doing 10 shows all year,” said Minnich. “Now we do over 40 shows every year, so it’s been exciting to see the growth in the number of programs we provide.”

Posted on 2014 Apr 22
Work begins on museumís caboose exhibit

by Eric Stearley

Last week, the Wabash Valley Saw Dust Gang began restoration work on the Wabash County Historical Museum’s outdoor caboose exhibit.

“The museum received the caboose from Bob McCallen, and he asked our group if we would restore it, so we took that project on,” said Marvin Wright, member of the four-county woodworking club. “We didn’t want to work on it when there was snow on the ground, so it’s finally gotten warm enough that we could begin to do it.”

Three members of the Saw Dust Gang were hard at work Wednesday morning, tearing off the train caboose’s old siding. Wright said that the wood underneath the siding doesn’t look great, but it’s solid.

“We’re residing the caboose, first removing the old siding, which is two layers and is really in bad, bad shape,” said Wright. “Then after we get the siding off and the new back on, there’s a gentleman who’s going to replace the roof, so the caboose will be back exteriorly in very good shape once we get done in hopefully another week and a half or so.”

Posted on 2014 Apr 22
Scams solicit local residents to pay for deeds

The Office of the Indiana Attorney General has alerted Wabash County that companies are soliciting Indiana consumers to pay for deeds.

One such notice sent by an entity under the name “Local Records Office” and received by a county resident asked for $89 in exchange for a copy of their deed. Copies of deeds can be obtained at the Wabash County Clerk’s office for $1. Any money sent to the included address is routed to California through an Indianapolis address.

Currently, the Office of the Indiana Attorney General is investigating the following companies for this type of scam: National Record Service, Inc., Record Retrieval Department, Conveyance Transfer Services and Local Records Office.

The OAG is conducting this investigation to determine whether these companies are violating the Indiana Deceptive Consumer Sales Act, by misrepresenting the benefits of purchasing and retaining a deed from them, misrepresenting that the solicitation is an invoice, and misrepresenting their affiliation with the government.

If you receive an invoice from any of these companies, contact the local recorder’s office. Wabash County officials urge residents not to send any money to these companies.

Posted on 2014 Apr 22
Heartland Career Center needs communityís votes on Facebook

by Emily Armentrout

Heartland Career Center is currently in the running for a $10,000 grant from Midwest Technical Institute in Brownsburg, Ind. The grant will be presented to the school that acquires the most votes before voting ends Sunday, April 27 at midnight.

“We had some students compete for scholarship money and they did very well in a welding contest [at MTI Brownsburg],” said Mark Hobbs, principal at Heartland Career Center. “I then started following the institute on Twitter. They sent out information about a contest that there were going to have, requiring you to make a short video about what your school would do with the $10,000. Our design staff, along with our teachers, made the video. We are one of only three schools that actually followed through.

“It’s not often you get a hunk of change like this to help your students. We don’t lose anything for going for this, but we could gain a lot,” added Hobbs.

Hobbs and the rest of the Heartland staff and students are looking for the community’s support. If you would like to support Heartland, all you have to do is go on Facebook, “like” the MTI Brownsburg page, vote for Heartland Career’s Center video and share the link so that others can vote as well.

Posted on 2014 Apr 22

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