Stirring it up with Angie Baer

Two weeks ago, I took a Thai cooking class at Gallery 64 in downtown Wabash. What a cool thing to do! Although I'm usually the one standing behind the mixing bowl teaching cooking classes, it was fun being the student for a change. I will admit, I didn't have much experience with Thai dishes. I had no idea what Pad Woon Sen was, or that fish sauce is used in most Asian dishes as a base. Who knew that Panang Curry, a mixture of coconut milk, curry paste, lime leaves, brown sugar, fish sauce, peanut butter, veggies, chicken and Thai basil could be so good! What better way to learn about another culture but through cooking and tasting their food? You can bet I will be signing up for more cooking classes they have to offer.

This recipe for Tangy Ham Steak is super simple and delicious. The perfect week night summer supper.

Posted on 2014 Jul 29
2014 FunFest Table Tennis Tournament Saturday Aug. 9

The 2014 FunFest Table Tennis Tournament will take place at Scout Hall at Warvel Park, located at 7th and Market Streets, North Manchester on Aug. 9. The tournament events will begin at 8:30 a.m. and end by 4 p.m. The Wabash County Singles event will only be open to residents of Wabash County.

The tourney will have competition in seven categories, including one doubles and six singles events. It will be hosted by the Manchester Table Tennis Club and sponsored by Custom Magnetics Inc. of North Manchester.

Singles events will be: 15-and-under, novice (anyone who has not won a table tennis tourney and has never been rated above 1000), Wabash County, Women’s, 40-and-over, and open. The open singles and open doubles events provide a chance to play with some outstanding area players.

Posted on 2014 Jul 29
School vaccination dates announced


The Wabash County Health Department will host two open vaccine clinics for children who need vaccinations to enter school. The clinics will be held at the health department.

The first clinic will be on Friday, Aug. 1, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The second clinic will be on Monday, Aug. 4, from 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

All students entering grade 12 will need a meningitis booster vaccine if they received their meningitis vaccine before their 16th birthday.

This year, Hepatitis A has been added to the vaccine schedule for students entering kindergarten. If your kindergarten student had the first Hepatitis A vaccine in March at Kindergarten Round-up, they are not yet due for the second dose.

The health department requires that you bring your insurance information to the clinic. If you have questions about the clinic, or need to know if your child is current on their vaccines, please call the health department at 260-563-6082.

Please bring your child’s vaccine records to the clinic to be updated. All copies of vaccine records cost $1.

Posted on 2014 Jul 29
Bars on the windows, lace at the door


Editor's Note in Full Story

by Dorothy Reynolds Henderson

“What am I doing in jail? This can’t be happening.”

Not exactly what I’d want to include on a resume or put up on a college application! I can see it now.

“Where did you spend your teenage years?”

“I put in my time at the Wabash County Jail in Indiana.”

I had plenty of time to contemplate life both inside and outside the heavy metal door that clanged shut with such finality on the good, the bad, and the ugly.

In those years, I learned firsthand about elements of life to which some people are never exposed: evil, deception, violence and weakness. I grew up more rapidly than most teenagers, as I was involved with men and women from all walks of life. I, however, was free to enter and leave through the front door. My dad was County Sheriff Cecil Reynolds, keeper of the jail, and this was home for my parents, my dearly loved grandma, and me.

Posted on 2014 Jul 29
LIFE Center announces Precious Baby Contest winner and upcoming events


by Emily Armentrout

During the 2014 Wabash County Fair week, the LIFE Center had an information booth like many other businesses in Wabash County. They were the booth with the adorable baby photos on display. Every year the LIFE Center holds the Precious Baby Contest as a way to raise funds for the center’s expenses.

This year, the Precious Baby Contest had 34 adorable contestants, but only one could take home the 2014 Precious Baby title. That Precious Baby was Weston Pretorius. Weston is the son of Joe and Andrea Pretorius.

Each contestant’s photo was on display throughout the week, with a number assigned that corresponds to a jar where the public can vote by putting money in the jar of the most “precious” baby. When the week was over and Pretorius was crowned Precious Baby, the center had raised $1,500, which will be used to buy supplies.

Posted on 2014 Jul 29
Final signs installed along Wabash County Bike Trail

by Eric Stearley

As you travel around the county, you may have noticed thin yellow signs with a bike and an arrow going up in many new locations. On Thursday, July 17, the last of 102 signs was fastened to its post outside Lagro to complete the 104-mile Wabash County Bike Trail.

Years ago, the county mapped the route for a bike trail based on features that cyclists look for in a route. The current route begins and ends at Paradise Spring Historical Park, taking cyclists along low-traffic roads past 17 historic points of interest from Lafontaine and Somerset to Roann and North Manchester. It also links Salamonie and Mississinewa reservoirs.

“When riders come into a new area to ride, they’re looking for certain types of pieces to a quality ride,” said Christine Flohr, executive director of tourism at the Wabash County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. “One, is some hills and scenery, but they also want it to be unique and specific to that ride, and that’s what makes this unique. It is designed specifically to tell a part of our history and a part of our story.”

Posted on 2014 Jul 22
Local entrepreneur promotes social good with WeCare Card

by Eric Stearley

In November, Wabash native Jessica Weiss will be making big waves in the world of crowdfunding and prepaid cards with the release of the WeCare Card, a project she’s been working on for more than three years. The card will, for the first time, combine the two industries, allowing for donation-based crowdfunding campaigns to upload money raised directly to a prepaid Mastercard product.

Jessica, who worked as a nurse in the neonatal intensive care unit for nearly 20 years, has long seen the struggles many families have as they try to balance urgent medical needs with everyday life. Primary among these struggles is, all too often, financial hardship. These struggles hit home when Jessica’s husband, Brad, was diagnosed with a brain aneurism in 2009.

“When word got out that Brad was sick, a lot of the community, family, friends, churches rallied, and we got all kinds of gift cards, greeting cards, home-cooked meals,” Jessica recalled. “I mean, the love and support from Wabash was amazing.”

Posted on 2014 Jul 22
Smokiní For A Cause set for Sept. 20

by Eric Stearley

Last fall, Gary Henderson and his friends discovered a way to do something they love – smoking meat on a barbeque – while supporting a local non-profit – the LIFE Center. After hauling their smokers to the parking lot of the Wabash County Historical Museum and cooking through the night, they managed to serve nearly 800 people and present the LIFE Center with $6,300.

With this success, Henderson and his fellow smokers decided to make it an annual event. This year, there will be a few changes. For one, the event has been moved to Paradise Spring Historical Park, which is a bit more scenic and spacious than the parking lot. The timing has also been tweaked a bit.


Posted on 2014 Jul 22

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