Museum plans grand opening of Education Center

Mitch Figert, executive director of the Wabash County Historical Museum, explains how the interior of a canal boat display in the museum’s new Educational Center will look. The board will have books and bookshelves, allowing youngsters to take a book and read while inside the structure. Photo by Joseph Slacian

By Joseph Slacian

A grand opening celebration of the new Education Center at the Wabash County Historical Museum is planned for 5:30 p.m. Friday, March 6.

The center will be located in the southwest corner of the second floor of the museum.

“We have the round barn, the farm house, a climbing tree, a canal boat and a theater stage,” Museum Executive Director Mitch Figert told The Paper of Wabash County during a tour of the facility. “We also have a train table that will go here (near the entrance to the center).

“And then we’ll have a science and activity center, which is essentially a cart with some activities that kids can pull out and tables they can work at.”

The Education Center is designed for those in pre-kindergarten and early elementary grades, or generally for children up to 8 years of age.

Posted on 2015 Mar 03
Safe Place expands to Wabash County

Safe Place and Host Home Coordinator Ryan Beeching quizzes Metro North Elementary students on what might count as a dangerous situation and how they know where to go when they’re in danger. In Wabash County, there are over 30 restaurants and business participating in the Safe Place program. Photo by Emma Rausch

By Emma Rausch

The national youth outreach program Safe Place is expanding its services to Wabash County, according to Safe Place and Host Home Wabash County Coordinator Tom Curry.

In addition to educating youths about the dangers of running away or resolving a difficult, threatening situation on their own, Safe Place also creates safe locations around the community for children and teenagers to go if they find themselves in these types of situations.

“(Safe Place) is another kind of layer between the school and the police and DCS (Department of Child Services) on situations that don’t quite rise to that level but are in need of help,” he said. “We don’t want to discourage calling the police, but … we’re kind of a softer, gentler option that way.”

Posted on 2015 Mar 03
Wabash County Jail passes inspection


By Joseph Slacian

The Wabash County Jail passed its Feb. 9 inspection by representatives of the Indiana Department of Corrections.

However, Sheriff Bob Land informed Wabash County Commissioners, there are some concerns highlighted in the report.

“Really it’s the same things we’ve gone over,” he said of the problems. “The lighting still doesn’t conform to today’s standards.”

Posted on 2015 Mar 03
Wabash students do battle in Cupcake Wars

Wabash High School students (from left) Chaney Byers and Vali Reed put purple frosting on cupcakes as part of their Cupcake Wars display featuring Cookie Monster. Photo by Joseph Slacian

By Joseph Slacian

Sixteen teams of students from Wabash High School competed in Cupcake Wars on Thursday morning, Feb. 26, during the school's monthly Artist Lecture Series program.

The students had a variety of themes ranging from the 1980s to Cookie Monster and from Wabash High School girls' basketball to "Lady and the Tramp."

The Artist Lecture Series, offered through the WHS library, has been a part of lunchtime offering for about 25 years. This is the second time Cupcake Wars took place at WHS. The first time, according to coordinator Jeannie Cooper, was two years ago.

Posted on 2015 Mar 03
Comedian Karen Mills to visit the Eagles Theatre

Comedian Karen Mills will take the Eagles Theatre stage as act two in the Thursday Night Comedy series. A 22-year comedian, touring as the opening act for Jon Stewart from “The Daily Show,” Mills said the Wabash crowd should expect an evening of fun and hard laughs. Photo provided

By Emma Rausch

On Thursday, March 5, Karen Mills takes the stage with her stand-up at the Eagles Theatre as act two in the Thursday Night Comedy series. Comedian and television personality Trish Suhr will perform as the opening act for the evening.

Mills began her comedic career after taking acting classes when she lived in Atlanta.

“I had watched the ‘Tonight Show’ and different things that had comedians on and I just kept feeling that I could do that,” she said in an interview with The Paper. “Finally I got the courage to go to open mic night at The Punchline and the manager at the time said, ‘You know I really think you could do this for a living. You just really need to work on your material and build your time.’”

Posted on 2015 Mar 03
Iditarod participant shares her experience with Wabash community

Karen Land holds her retired sled dog Romano while audience participants pet him and ask follow-up questions after her program at the Wabash Carnegie Public Library. Land is a three-time Iditarod participant who currently tours the nation to talk about her experience and answer questions about her dogs, the race, and what it took to become a sled dog musher. Photo by Emma Rausch

By Emma Rausch

Three-time Iditarod Sled Dog Race participant Karen Land presented a discussion at the Wabash Carnegie Public Library on Feb. 28.

With her retired sled dog, Romano, who she said was “just there to be a pretty face,” Land discussed the ins and outs of the Iditarod with an audience of 20 people, covering topics including dog care, some of the obstacles a musher might face during the race, and the benefits that have come from the race.

“Sled dogs are incredibly unique animals so (veterinarians) have been able to use and study their physiology to help other dogs and even humans,” she said.

Posted on 2015 Mar 03
Chartwells workers help at The Access, MU food service provider is in first year of helping facility

Chartwells employees Denise Yocum and Diana Stephan help Access youth make superhero capes on Family Night at AYC.  Chartwell's provided the supplies to make the capes. Photo provided

By Joseph Slacian

NORTH MANCHESTER – Workers at Chartwells are volunteering their time this school year to help officials and youngsters at The Access Youth Center in downtown Wabash.

The volunteers provide a variety of services and programs for The Access, located at 74 W. Canal St.

“Each year we try to do some kind of service project,” said Nancy Gjertson, Chartwells’ Director of Dining Services at Manchester University. “Typically we’ve been doing Relay for Life. This year, we wanted to direct the activities to engage our staff outside of the workplace because they really like to give and they love being a part of other activies we’ve done. We wanted to see if we could make an impact on one place.”

Posted on 2015 Mar 03
Longtime businessman remembered for his support of Wabash

By Emma Rausch

A longtime Wabash business man, John W. “Jack” Miller, passed away on Wednesday, Feb. 18, at Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne. He was 87.

A U.S. Army veteran, Miller was the founder and co-owner of Miller Furniture in Wabash, which opened in 1954, with his business partner Hubert G. Vrooman. He retired from the business in 1994. He also was involved with a variety of local organizations, including Wabash Community Service Board, the Peabody Foundation Board, and the Falls Cemetery Board.

He was a longtime member of the Presbyterian Church in Wabash, where he served as elder, deacon, Sunday school teacher, and also enjoyed singing in the choir. He also was a member of the Wabash Kiwanis Club, and is a past president of the organization.

Posted on 2015 Feb 24

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