Health officials investigate possible E. coli
By Emma Rausch
The Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) is currently investigating several possible E. coli cases in Wabash and Fulton counties.
With the assistance of the Wabash County Health Department, the ISDH is investigating possible cases of E. Coli 0157: H7, a strain of the bacterium that “can cause harmful and spreadable illness in humans,” according to ISDH Media Relations Coordinator Ken Severson and the ISDH Epidemiology Resource Center.
Severson released the following statement in an email Thursday morning to The Paper of Wabash County:
“So far, two individuals have tested positive for E. Coli 0157: H7. Two patients have been hospitalized. Currently, one is hospitalized.
“The ISDH is investigating reports of patient death, but at this time has no conclusive evidence linking it to any other cases. We are investigating to determine if there are any links to other cases and any potential sources of exposure.”
Posted on 2015 Aug 13
Wabash school board suggests consolidation talks; Public reaction mixed to talk of consolidation
 By Joseph Slacian
The Wabash City School Board broached the topic of consolidation, long a hot button around Wabash County, on Monday, Aug. 3.
Board member Bill Konyha brought the matter up during a portion of the board meeting designed for comments from the board. Rather than calling for consolidation, Konyha suggested that it was time for Wabash City Schools and MSD of Wabash County to discuss “unification.”
“We have tried for more than three years to consistently seek ways to incrementally unify our two school systems,” Konyha said in an interview with The Paper of Wabash County. 
Public's reaction:
By Joseph Slacian
The public’s reaction to proposed unification talks between Wabash City Schools and MSD of Wabash County officials have been split.
Those in favor of it cited economic savings and the chance to offer more classes to students as reasons to proceed with talks. However, those against it believe the schools and classes will become to big and their youngsters will become, in many people’s words, “just a number.”


Posted on 2015 Aug 11
2 facing drug charges
By The Paper staff
Two people have been arrested in connection with operating a meth lab in the City of Wabash.
Sgt. Matt Benson, the Wabash Police Department’s Public Information Officer, announced Sunday that the pair, Bradley Gressley, 25, and Samantha King, 34, were arrested following an incident on Monday, Aug. 3.
According to the news release:
Wabash Police allege they located Gressley and King manufacturing meth at 11:11 p.m. Aug. 3. 
Posted on 2015 Aug 11
‘I do it for you’: Local cancer survivor, patient walks Relay for Life with purpose
Vicki Bradley, a 66-year-old resident from Lagro, is a Relay for Life participant and survivor after beating breast cancer more than two decades ago. Bradley was diagnosed with tumorous cancer again three years ago, but has not lost hope. She told The Paper of Wabash County she will keep fighting and will never give up. Photo by Emma Rausch
By Emma Rausch
Lagro resident Vicki Bradley, 66, is a survivor.
More than 20 years ago, she survived a diagnosis of stage four breast cancer despite having only a 25 percent survival rate. Today, Bradley is continuing her fight against tumorous cancer, only this time it’s terminal.
“I keep fighting. I don’t give up,” Bradley told The Paper of Wabash County.
“You just keep going on. You don’t give up. Some do give up, but I’m not that kind of person. I’m not ready to die yet.”
Although she is fighting for her life, she is also fighting for the lives of others affected by cancer and even those who have not been, she said.

“When (survivors) walk, we walk to show you that we beat this to some extent,” Bradley said. “We’re still here. We walk to let you know that we’re not giving up the fight.

“And I do it for you so that one day you don’t have to handle this,” she continued. “I’m walking for all of you who don’t have cancer and I’m hoping that you never get cancer. That’s why I walk. I walk so that someday, that cure will be there so that if you get diagnosed that they can cure you and you won’t ever have to go through this.

“That’s why I walk. That’s why all of us walk.”


Posted on 2015 Aug 11
Wabash County Sheriff’s Department gains new K-9 unit
Wabash County Sheriff’s Deputy Matt Cox and his new partner, Cato. Cato joined the local department in late July, coming from the Brownsburg Police Department. Photo provided
By Adam B. Smith
The Wabash County Sheriff’s Department recently received a new officer. Cato, the department’s newest police dog, began patrol duties with partner Deputy Matt Cox Monday July 27.
The Sheriff’s Department received Cato from the Brownsburg Police Department when they began downsizing their K-9 units. Wabash County Sheriff Bob Land said some friends of his as the Brownsburg department approached him about taking on one of their police dogs. “Nothing had really been planned at the department until this came up,” Land said, but he knew adding a second K-9 unit to his department would be a good tool to assist his officers.
“It just gives us an extra tool,” he said. “I’ll use any tools that we can use on the road.”
Posted on 2015 Aug 11
Rev Gusto rocks Wabash
Brothers Jerry Frederick (left) and Sam Frederick make up part of the band, Rev Gusto. Jerry Frederick is lead vocalist and guitarist, while Sam Frederick plays bass guitarist and is a vocalist. The Frederick brothers lived in Wabash for a time, attending school at St. Bernard Elementary School. Photo by Adam B. Smith
By Adam B. Smith
When local father and son duo Machine Solutions left the stage on Aug. 4, Wabash residents weren’t quite ready for the fast and heavy music to follow.
Kansas City, Kan., band Rev Gusto stopped in Wabash to play a show at the Honeywell Center Plaza as part of a tour supporting their new album. Their tourmates, St. Joseph, Mo., band Scruffy & The Janitors, accompanied them at Tuesday’s show.
Mara Rose-Morales said she and her husband, Jose Morales, saw the event advertised in the newspaper and decided they wanted to try out a new band. She said they enjoyed watching the show and being outside, but Rev Gusto and Scruffy & The Janitors surprised her.
Posted on 2015 Aug 11
200-plus signed up for Dam to Dam ride
Riders make their way along a rural Wabash County road east of Lagro during the 2014 Dam to Dam ride. Photo provided
By Joseph Slacian
More than 200 riders have already registered for the Sixth Annual Dam to Dam bicycle ride.
The ride will be on Sunday, Sept. 13.
More than 80 percent of those already signed up are from outside of Wabash County, according to Christine Flohr, Executive Director of the Visit Wabash County and one of the members of the ride committee.
Several riders also are from out-of-state, with some coming from Virginia, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio and Michigan, as well as Indiana.
Posted on 2015 Aug 11
Sinkholes could cost city $1.7 million to fix; Work likely to continue several more weeks
Street crews began working on the sinkholes located at South Cass and South Carroll streets last week. The sinkholes appeared in late June as a result of heavy rain and flooding that hit much of that area that month.  The project could cost Wabash City approximately $1.7 million to fix. Photo by Emma Rausch
By Joseph Slacian
It could take at least one month, and upwards of $1.7 million, to fix a series of sink holes that cropped up in recent weeks on South Cass and South Carroll streets.
That was the word Wednesday, Aug. 5, to the Wabash Board of Public Works and Safety from City Attorney Doug Lehman and interim Wastewater Treatment Plant Superintendent Rick Price.
The pair was updating the board about the situation, which first appeared in late June due to heavy rain that hit much of the area that month. Two sinkholes, one on Carroll and one on Cass, first appeared about June 28. Crews trying to repair the first two holes discovered a third Tuesday, Aug. 4.
Posted on 2015 Aug 11

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