LaFontaine Town Board to have new makeup
Janet Robbins-Pattee (left) chats with others awaiting the returns May 5 in the lobby of the Wabash County Judicial Annex. Pattee was one of three to win the Republican nominations for the LaFontaine Town Board. Photo by Joseph Slacian
By Joseph Slacian
Jay L. Gillespie, Janet I. Robbins-Pattee and Lori A. Brane topped a field of six Republican candidates seeking the party’s nomination for the town council.
While seven people appeared on the ballot, one – J. Tyler Guenin – moved from the town prior to election, and asked people not to vote for him. None-the-less, he received 33 votes.
Gilliespie topped the field, receiving 149 votes. Pattee followed with 139 and Brane wit 136.
Posted on 2015 May 12
Tobias downs Haupert in NM Council race
By Shaun Tilghman
NORTH MANCHESTER -- The Town of North Manchester had just one contested race on the ballot during the May 5 Primary Election, but local voters made their voices heard as challenger Chalmer “Toby” Tobias defeated incumbent Diane Haupert 277-87 to claim the Republican nomination for the Town Council’s District 5 seat. 
Upon learning of his victory, Tobias posted the following on the Chalmer “Toby” Tobias for Town Council page on Facebook last Tuesday evening: “What a whirlwind! We did it! Thank you to all who voted. You made your voice heard loud and clear, and I am incredibly honored to serve as your Councilman.”
Posted on 2015 May 12
Best of the Best students gearing up for artist ‘super bowl’
Wabash County students have prepared artwork for display and purchase at the eighth annual Best of the Best Art Show on May 17. In the Best of the Best art program, students refine their art skills, learn new techniques through workshops with local artists, and gain confidence to “become the best that they can be,” according to program co-director Jeanie Cooper. Photo by Emma Rausch
By Emma Rausch
Seventeen Wabash County art students have finalized their pieces for the eighth annual Best of the Best Art Show on Sunday, May 17.
Originally established in 2007 by Michael Hapner and previous Wabash City Schools Superintendent Dr. Celia Shand, the art program was developed to help expand student art abilities and entrepreneurial skills. This year, students visited the Fort Wayne Museum of Art and refined their artistic skills in workshops with local artists including Kristy Church, Jane Willmert, and Kellie Brace.
Southwood High School senior Shelby Babbitt, Wabash High School junior Mason Irelan, and Northfield High School senior and Heartland Career Center representative Zachary Clouse all agreed that they were glad that they joined the program.
While Clouse had wanted to join the program to follow in his older brother’s footsteps, Irelan and Babbit originally weren’t sure about the program.
“I never really thought I was going to be in Best of the Best because I never really thought that I was that great,” Babbitt said. “I think it’s made me more confident in what I do. When I did art projects in school, I’d always have to have permission and I’d have to have, ‘Is this going ok?’ Now that I’ve been in it and I’ve learned things, I feel more confident and able to do what I want and not what other people want.”
Posted on 2015 May 12
Palascak returns for a comedy show and a lecture
Michael Palascak, a comedian native to Wabash, returned as the final act of the Thursday Night Comedy series. The comedian performed for a sold out Eagles Theatre after his friend and fellow comedian Emily Galati opened for him on stage. Photo by Emma Rausch
By Emma Rausch
Wabash native and nationally known comedian Michael Palascak performed for a sold out Eagles Theatre on April 23 as the final act in the Thursday Night Comedy series.
Palascak’s friend Emily Galati kicked off the night as his opening act and received several laughs for her opinions on the fine line between friendship and dating as well as how the most perfect man in the world is also coincidentally the most wanted man on the FBI’s top wanted list.
Palascak, who returns to his hometown to perform annually, has appeared on “The Late Show with David Letterman,” “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” and, recently, “The Conan O’Brien Show.”
This year, the comedian made a special artist lecture appearance on April 24 at Wabash High School, where he graduated in 2000.
Posted on 2015 May 12
City makes Best Communities designations
By Joseph Slacian
Two agencies received designations by the Wabash Board of Public Works and Safety on Wednesday, May 6, as part of the America’s Best Communities grant program.
The City of Wabash was named a quarterfinalist in the privately funded contest, and is in the running to receive $3 million if grand funds for economic revitalization. The top three finalists – second and third place will receive $2 million and $1 million, respectively – won’t be named until April 2017.
Posted on 2015 May 12
Local residents gather on Wabash County Courthouse lawn for National Day of Prayer
Pastor Alex Falder (far right) prays for churches across the United States with three other members of the community at the National Day of Prayer on May 7. More than 35 members of the community gathered on the Wabash County Courthouse lawn to pray for topics including family, government, and media. Photo by Emma Rausch
By Emma Rausch
On Thursday, May 7, more than 35 members of the Wabash County community gathered on the Wabash County Courthouse lawn to participate in the National Day of Prayer and fifth annual Hesychia House prayer walk.
The community gathered on the courthouse lawn as part of a national movement to exercise religious freedom rights, according to Pastor Tom Curry.
“I think on courthouse lawns in Huntington County, Grant County, and all the surrounding counties in different states and even in Washington, D.C., there is this national movement,” Curry said, “so we’ve chosen to be a part of a national movement of Christians exercising their freedom in this way and seeking God’s power and light and love to more and more and more to come into our homes, come into our lives, and come into our courtrooms, not in a formal legislative way, but in a presence of light and love that changes people and we want that more, not only for the world, but for every neighborhood.
Posted on 2015 May 12
Special Olympians to compete in Wabash
By Joseph Slacian
Some 250 athletes from a six-county area will converge on Wabash on Saturday, May 16, for the annual Area V Special Olympics track and field events.
The participants from six nearby counties will compete at Wabash High School’s Alumni Field.
“Wabash has done it through the Kiwanis Club many, many, many years,” local coordinator Doug Adams told The Paper of Wabash County. “It’s an annual event and we look forward to hosting it.”
Athletes from Wabash, Miami, Pulaski, Kosciusko, Cass and Howard counties will participate in the event, which will begin at 9 a.m. with an opening ceremony.
Posted on 2015 May 12
Bids awarded for Sherman St. culvert work
By Joseph Slacian
Troy Eads Excavating received the contract to replace a culvert on Sherman Street, just east of Miami Street, in Wabash.
The firm bid $22,525 to receive the contract during the May 6 Wabash Board of Public Works and Safety meeting.
The city received just one other bid, that of $42,500 from Brainard Excavating.
Work is for the installation of a corrugated polymer coated culvert, to be supplied by the city, along Priser Ditch.
Posted on 2015 May 12

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