Zach’s coming home
Zachariah Smith, one of the top five contestants from American Idol’s latest season, will return to his hometown of Wabash for a special performance on June 3 at 7:30 p.m. at the Honeywell Center.
Tickets go on sale Friday, May 26, at 10 a.m. and will be available online at honeywellarts.org or by calling 260-563-1102. 
Smith started at a young age by singing and attending various Honeywell Arts & Entertainment youth programs. Now, he has captured the hearts of millions with his powerful voice and charismatic stage presence, earning him a spot in the top five of the popular competition show American Idol. 
Smith will sing covers of songs by artists Kenny Rogers, the Electric Light Orchestra, Toto, and more. He will also perform his new single, “American Grace.” 
Smith is a 2021 alumnus of Wabash High School and was a Honeywell Media Arts Program student. 
He is also a choir alumnus of the Wabash County Honors Band & Choir, a program structured for the county’s most talented high school musicians, which concludes with a performance at the Honeywell Center each year. He also was among select Wabash High School Choir students given the opportunity to sing with Foreigner during their performance at the Honeywell Center in 2019
 This concert is sponsored by Intrasect Technologies. Most seats are $15 and $25, withlimited seating available for $30.
Posted on 2023 May 23