Spring Break fun: Petting zoo, more kept local youth busy

On Monday, April 5, the Wabash Friends Church Children Ministry hosted a petting zoo for families who staying in Wabash during Spring Break and were looking for fun things to do.

“This isn’t something we have been doing every year,” said Amanda Huff, interim Children’s Ministry Director. “But I’m new in this position and I thought that during Spring Break, the families who are staying in Wabash, wow, they really need some activities, especially with COVID las year and everybody staying home, what a great way to get kids to come out and see some animals and be outside with parents and it gives parents something to do, too.”

Joni Cripe, owner of Animal Grams, provided the petting zoo, complete with rabbits, lambs, guinea pigs, chicks, ducklings and more.

“This is her second event that she’s done with Wabash Friends,” said Huff.

For parents interested in getting their kids involved with a children’s ministry, Friends Church has kid’s programming for children from newborn to sixth grade on Sunday mornings.

“It’s a fun time where we’re doing snack, learning about Jesus, doing awesome games in a safe and loving environment,” said Huff.

Posted on 2021 Apr 13