Get ready for turkey cooked by kindergarteners

By Mandy Underwood

In preparation for Thanksgiving, Kami Ross’s Metro North Elementary School kindergarten students told The Paper of Wabash County how they make the best Thanksgiving turkey.

To make the best Thanksgiving turkey, it seems that confidence is key according to these kindergartners who often only cook a turkey for 15 minutes on three degrees or for 100 hours before it is ready to eat.

Many students also share what they enjoy to eat along with their turkey, everything from cinnamon rolls to chicken nuggets to sprinkles.

Aaleyah Luttrell:

We don’t eat turkey on Thanksgiving. We only eat candy and stuff. I bet other people buy their turkeys from Walmart or Walgreens. When they cook it, they don’t need to put anything on it. They probably put it in the oven for 15 seconds and then eat it.

Abel Price:

My mom buys the turkey at Walmart. It costs $2.00.  We don’t have to cook it, it’s already cooked! We cut it to take the bone out. We put it in a bowl so we can all take out the pieces we want to eat. When it’s all gone, we go to the store and buy another turkey!

Alyssa Johnson:

I think we get a real turkey that is alive.  My dad will just grab something and hit it to kill it. Cut the feathers off before you cook it. We put it in the oven for 20 minutes. I think the oven needs to be on 30 degrees. The alarm will go off when it’s done. We usually eat corn and noodles with the turkey. 

Amelia McKillip:

You can get turkeys from the store. My mom cooks the turkey in the smoker.  It takes about 50 minutes. When it comes out, it is hot!  Place it on a plate.  Daddy cut the turkey in pieces and puts it on the table. I love to eat the turkey legs! The first thing we do when we sit down is pray. Then we all eat!

Bentley Little:

Our turkey comes from grandpa’s farm. I just stay at home and grandpa brings the turkey to our house. Grandpa cooks the turkey for us, too. I think he puts it on the stove for about an hour or so. Be careful that you cut ALL of the bones out because you don’t want them getting stuck in your throat. That would hurt. The turkey is really good!

Carson McClure:

I put the turkey in the oven and it cooks for a while. I think it cooks a long time actually. Then I pull it out of the oven. Then we eat it for Thanksgiving.  Usually we take the turkey to grandma and grandpa's house.  I love when we eat cinnamon rolls with the turkey!

Everly Schenkel:

We go to the grocery store for our turkey. Look for a big one!  Put white things on the turkey and put it in the oven on 3 degrees for 15 minutes. When the timer beeps, the turkey is done.  My mom and dad cut the turkey so that we can eat it. My cousins all come over to eat turkey with us.

Gabriel Bolin:

My Papa and Mamaw cook the turkey. They cook it the same way that other people cook it. Don’t put salt on it, that’s yucky!  I do like butter on it. YUM!  Put the turkey on the top in the oven.  You know, right on the shelf. You don’t even need a pan.  Make sure the oven is on warm or hot...like 4 or 70. I think it needs to cook 6 hours. If it’s not hot, it needs to be hotter. Then it’s too hot, so blow on it. Now it’s ready to eat! Maybe you should make chicken nuggets to go with it. Yep, that sounds good: chicken nuggets and turkey.

Gabriel Hyden:

Go to the farm and look all around for a turkey. When you see a turkey, say, “Hi!” Then carry it to your car. Take it home to cook it in the oven. Put cheese on the turkey. It needs to cook for about 25 minutes. That is how you cook a turkey, but we usually have fish for our Thanksgiving dinner.  Grandma and Grandpa Red House come over to eat with us. I always give Grandpa a hug first and then we catch the fish from a boat. Just keep the fish in the “water thing” until it’s close to time to eat the fish.

Grady Lehner:

I think we get the turkey from Wal-Mart. My mom will pick out the best one.  It will cost $13.  We usually cook the turkey in the microwave.  Sometimes we do cook it in the oven though. It will take 13 minutes in the oven.  It takes forever! When we go to Grandma’s house, we all eat turkey and tons of other good stuff.

Julia Shull:

My whole family goes to Wal-Mart to get the turkey.  Get the kind that is real and you can eat it.  It is in a blue, white, and brown package. Put the turkey in a pan with oil and soybeans. Daddy puts it in different oil, the kind you cook it in. When the turkey goes in the hot oil, it overheats. The turkey is done when the timer goes off. Then you need to switch it off. One time the timer didn’t go off, so the turkey got burnt. Make sure you don’t do that. 

Kendall Case:

Daddy cooks our turkey.  He puts salt on it before he cooks it. Turn the oven on to 1, I think. Wait for the oven to warm up. Put the turkey in the oven for 10 minutes. Daddy cuts the turkey so we can eat it. We like to eat mashed potatoes and gravy with our turkey.

Lilly Poe:

We buy our turkey at Wal-Mart. My dad and mom go to pick out the turkey. It will probably cost $100. When they take it home, they freeze it. When it’s finally Thanksgiving, you take it out and don’t put it in the freezer anymore. Then it’s just not frozen anymore. To cook it, put it on the stove.  You will need a big pan.  Leave it on the stove for a little bit. You will hear a beep when it’s done.

Madilynn Laferney:

My favorite kind of turkey is the kind with sprinkles!  My mommy makes the best turkey with sprinkles.  She cooks it two times so it doesn’t run away.  When it’s cooked, cut off the bones and give me a small piece. Yummy!

Ridge McKillip:

To get a turkey, go to the barn to hunt for it. Grab a gun and put bullets in it. Push the button so the bullet comes flying out.  The bullet will go inside the turkey. The turkey will run for a little bit, but follow it until it falls down.  Take it home to cook it in the oven. You need to cook it for 6 minutes at 19 degrees. My whole family likes to eat turkey.

Sadie King:

Mom and dad buy a turkey from Wal-Mart. They are really good at picking out the best turkey. My mom pays for the turkey.  It costs $5 or $6.  Cook the turkey in the stove for a while. Dad or Blake will cut the turkey. I eat most of the turkey because I LOVE turkey!  I eat strawberries, grapes, and mashed potatoes with the turkey. I also drink Gatorade with it. 

Tyler Reeves Jr.:

Go to Mrs. Ross’ house to get a turkey. She probably has lots of them on the farm and will share with me. Get the real kind of turkey though, not them fake ones!  To cook it, you need a stove. Get a pan and put in some cheese in with the turkey.  Maybe even sprinkle in some Cheese-Its...it’s best if you smash them up first.  Adding some flour is the last thing to add in the pan. That’s it!  Well, sometimes I put in some vanilla, salt and pepper.  Cook it for 5 hours or sometimes maybe even 100 hours to get it all the way done. It’s SO good! I eat all of it… well, I would share some with Mrs. Ross.

Posted on 2019 Nov 25