Recycling program changes

Trash from the recycling bins on Manchester Avenue are strewn along the ground, blown there from filled recycling bins by he wind. The recycling sites in Wabash and LaFontaine are now closed and items to be recycled must be dropped off at the Solid Waste Management District on Manchester Avenue. Photo by Harold V. Chatlosh

By Joseph Slacian

Three drop-off recycling sites in LaFontaine and Wabash are closed and recyclable items must now be taken to the Wabash County Solid Waste Management District site at 1101 Manchester Ave. in Wabash.

The move is taking place for two reasons, according to District Executive Director Jen Rankin.

There is a low market value for recyclables, she said. In addition, the drop-off sites have yielded a high level of contamination because of non-recyclable items being placed in them.

The recycling site at the Manchester Avenue facility opened on Monday.

Posted on 2019 Jun 25