1962 Ro-Annual editor reflects on school's final yearbook

Bob Ferguson, town of Roann clerk-treasurer, looks through the final edition of the Ro-Annual, the Roann High School yearbook. Photo by Joseph Slacian

By Joseph Slacian

ROANN – When Pamela (Cline) Krom was a freshman at the former Roann High School, she was appointed to the staff of the Ro-Annual, the school’s yearbook. Little did she know that her senior year, when she became the yearbook’s editor, the work of her and her staff would be preserved in the annals of town history.

Last year, Roann Clerk-Treasurer Bob Ferguson proclaimed the 1962 edition of the Ro-Annual a permanent town record and has a copy of it preserved in the Town Hall. During the recent Roann Alumni Banquet, Ferguson spoke about the yearbook, and wondered aloud where Krom was because he would like to talk to her about the book and the planning it took to produce it.

Posted on 2019 May 14