Chippewa Place development moving forward
This Oakhurst II-style villa is an example of the type of houses Ideal Suburban Homes plans to build at Chippewa Place. Although the official designs have not been completed yet, the company plans to keep the design similar to the Oakhurst II with the garages in the middle of the home, according to Kim Davis, director of sales. Photo provided
By Emma Rausch
Wabash County residents will see new, modern duplex villas within the next year, according to Kim Davis, Ideal Suburban Homes director of sales.
In late October, the Decatur-based homebuilding company Ideal Suburban Homes Inc. purchased Wabash’s Chippewa Place.
The purchase is a great investment not only for the company but for Wabash as well, Davis said.
“Wabash has not had new homes for quite a few years,” she explained, “and, in speaking with our agent that will be handling that area for us—her name is Brenda Williams—she saw great potential for the need for some new homes in the area. So we decided to, with the experience that we’ve had and again it’s been over 50 years and especially villa community, we just decided that it’d be a great partnership.”
Posted on 2015 Dec 01